I'm still here

Most evenings and weekends I can be found here, turing this:

 into this (and much, much worse, I promise...):

I hope you'll excuse my absence. It's time for some recalibration on my part. I've noticed I'm not the only one stepping away from the internet (and especially the blogger dashboard) recently. I have some exciting ideas about what this space might look like and be in the near future. I really dislike apology posts and told myself I'd never do one, but I think you deserve an explanation for the lack of posts. Call it busy-ness, but what it really is is a desire to not waste time. I've been focusing on knitting projects and jewelry making and work and spending quality time with Jeff and Lola and my camera has been left at home more often than not. I'm still here, though. Still thinking about how I can make this space engaging and productive. I think spring will bring on some much needed changes. I think it will be exciting times. I think I am finished with winter and want to get on with 2012 Phase II already. How about you?