new website and new film shots

Hi everyone! Just a quick post here today to let you know that you can take a peek at the new Camp + Quarry website which I'll be launching officially in mid-September. This is the place to check up on my travels and see some of the new pieces that I've been working on lately. Let me know if you find anything weird going on over there! It's all still pretty new!

The picture above was taken in Stanley Park on my Fed 5 rangefinder camera a couple of weeks ago. To see more just head over to the new Camp + Quarry journal. Many new things on the horizon, some of which you can read about on the new site, which is still technically a work-in-progress.

Here's a song for you today, too. Kind of a nice summer wind down thing from the new XX album:


David Rakoff

Let's talk about how much we're going to miss this guy. My favourite contributor to This American Life.

"The only thing that makes one an artist is making art. 
And that requires the precise opposite of hanging out." -David Rakoff


what's new

I'm going to tell you guys a secret. Yes, things have been quiet around the C+Q blog BUT...I'm working on a new website for Camp + Quarry (launching as soon as I can launch it!). AND I bought a blowtorch and set up a metalsmithing studio at home and have been working away on new pieces. Above is a picture of the ring that I made Jeff this week. A brushed sterling silver band, perfect for the dude who is not so into accessories but has to wear it cuz I made it, right? So take a peek in the shop, as there are lots of new things there and more on the way, and keep checking back to find out more about the new site if you'd like. Jeff and I are headed off on our belated honeymoon adventure in three weeks and my goal is to have the Camp and Quarry site go live before then so I can share some of our travel photos with you.

Hope you're all enjoying the summer!



Here's something amazing for you guys. Feist vs. Mastodon. A nice reminder of all the times I saw Feist perform in punk bands when I was a teenager going to all ages shows. This video is interactive, too, so be sure to give it a watch! Happy long weekend!