book club: wide sargasso sea

You might have recently read about the book club that I've started with some blogger friends. We'll be starting Beca's book in July, so I thought it might be nice to set a date for a post about Part I of Wide Sargasso Sea by Jean Rhys. So, let's say we meet back here on June 10th to discuss the first part via comments/twitter/whatever works. Spoilers up to that point will be fair game! I look forward to hearing what you all think of my pick, because I'm nervous about being the first to choose a book for us. I hope you're enjoying it!

P.S. If you're in Vancouver there are a whole bunch of cheap copies at the Book Warehouse on Broadway and Cambie-ish. Oh yeah, and as a Calgarian I can't believe I'm saying this, but: Go Canucks! I'm totally looking forward to the beginning of the finals and Jeff is loving the return of Winnipeg's NHL team. Hockey in June! Woo!


a day in the life of beca from tales of a tumbleweed

This week's day in the life post is an awesome one. From San Diego, California, Beca's day looks a lot like I wish mine were: coffee, swap meets, dogs, and the one thing I'm always missing: t-shirt weather! Yup, it seems there are very few weeks of summery weather here in Vancouver...who knew? Beca is one of the founding members of our little online book club (announced last week) and she'll be picking the next book. Now, on to her day!

It's 8:00 in the morning. We slept in today. It feels good to sleep past 6. We both have the day off today, a rarity. We usually get up around 5:30 on work days, so any time we get to stay in bed is cherished. This isn't my typical day, since I work 9+ hours, six days a week as the head pastry chef in a bakery, so it would just be photos of cake, dyed fingers, and stacks of recipe cards. 

On this morning, we slowly pull ourselves out of bed and head to LeStats, a strange little coffee shop down the street. The coffee is good and hot. They also have the best jalapeƱo bagels.

After coffee, Doug and I get into our van, turn up the music and drive west to Kobey's Swap Meet with the windows down. It is our favorite early morning adventure. It's Friday, so the swap meet is mellow and full of treasure.

We class it up for lunch and get the best chicken sandwiches in town - Chic-fil-A, a weekend favorite that just happens to be in the parking lot of the swap meet. Perfect. A woman walks around and asks if we want mints or hand wipes. Like I said, class.

On the way home, we swing by the Florist Supply Warehouse. Doug gets a lacquer spray finish he needs for the sunglasses we've been making, and I see if they have anything I may need for the bakery. I swoon over the isles of brightly colored ribbons and shelves of moss. 

We get home and play with the dogs in the yard with their favorite toy - bubbles! We run around for a while before I get to work packaging up treasures for our etsy shop to ship out. I make a quick trip to my post office, run into at the bakery to check on how their day went, and then find myself at Target. Target is definitely one of my vices. I could spend days in Target, if only they would let me and my brood just move in! I ration my trips there so I don't put us in the poor house, but it's nice to wander around for a while and get everything on my list.

I come home and make a huge batch of spaghetti and meatballs with homemade tomato herb sauce and toast. Comfort food. We spend the rest of our night working on little projects, watching TV, drinking more coffee and snuggling puppies. It's been a good day. They're all good days!   


Thank you, Beca! I like that your day includes Target...we also don't have that in Canada! Be sure to check out Beca's stellar Etsy shop and her blog, Tales of a Tumbleweed, too! Next week's day in the life post will be by me, because I have an exciting day to share! It is also going to be the last post in the series for a while because I need to recruit some new participants for later this summer. Have a great week everyone and thanks again, Beca!


a few new things...

the miriam necklace
cave explorer necklace
pendulum necklace
Hi everyone, just a quick check-in on this beautiful sunny Sunday afternoon to share a few photos that Jeff and I took today of some new pieces that are in the Sadie shop. My mom brought me a few pieces of jewelry from my 92 year old grandmother's collection of costume jewelry this weekend and one piece had the most amazing vintage brass tassels on it. The tassels have now been incorporated into two new pendulum necklaces in the shop. I also photographed the Miriam necklaces and am adding just one new lonely cave explorer to the shop today. This guy lives in a teardrop-shaped agate geode and is hard at work with shovel in hand. Now back to that book club book!


five friday favourites: book club edition

Beca and Carla and I have been working on this idea to get a summer book club going and we're ready to start! I'm introducing the first book here on my blog because it was my pick, and I hope it's a good one. I read Jane Eyre earlier this year, and this book was recommended as a good follow-up read (though not entirely necessary that you've read it before!). So my pick is Wide Sargasso Sea by Jean Rhys. For those of your familiar with the Jane Eyre story (book or movie) this is the story of the woman in the attic (trying to avoid spoilers here). So, if you're interested in joining our little book club, pick up a copy of Wide Sargasso Sea from your local library and watch for follow-up posts on the blogs of Beca and Carla and right here. We'll finish Wide Sargasso Sea by the end of June and move on to Beca's pick for July! Join me on Goodreads or Twitter and we can discuss while we read! I'll try to have some interim posts about the book (not spoilers, of course) and we can also discuss that way. Now to some bookish favourites!

oblique shelf by builtINstudio

book necklaces by moorea seal

large journal bandolier by cleverhands

handmade leather journal by lusciousleatherNYC
I will link up the book club blog button that Beca made very soon so you can add it to your own blog if you're joining us! The idea is that whoever picks the book we're reading hosts the book club on their blog for that month or so. This is all a big experiment, I hope you'll join us! Have a great weekend!


class of 2011

This is one of my favourite photos, even though it's a bit blurry and not all that flattering. That's my sister Kate on the left, me in the middle, and my mom on the right. This photo was taken at my first university graduation ceremony. That brown sash represents my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree that I got from the University of Calgary in 2007. I love that the three of us are so obviously related in this photo...I mean, look at those smiles, or should I say that smile, singular. Tomorrow I'm doing this again, only I think I get an extra special gown this time around. Probably still no floppy hat like people who get PhDs at old English universities, but something special regardless.

When I think about my undergrad degree I think first and foremost about the amazing, lasting friendships that I made during that time. Some of my best friends in the world come from that degree, and I'm sure that this one will prove to have similar lasting effects. Secondly, I think about the mentors that I had in my first degree in the form of teachers who taught me so much about not only art, but also work, dedication, and inspiration. I'm pretty sure I still have all of them to thank for my achievements thus far. Looking forward to a hectic day tomorrow with parents in town and friends all around.

To celebrate graduation I'm having a one-weekend only sale in the Sadie shop. Coupon code CLASSOF2011 will get you 15% off in the shop all weekend long! Have a good one, everyone!


a day in the life of hwasoon from morning calm

Quiet room,
which I am familiar with.

After a recent fast, my daily life have changed a bit slow and calm.
The actual physical pause that brought me clearer feelings and a clearler mind.
Waking up before sunrise, starting my day with a cool and soft breeaze.
I do more work with my hands - simple cooking, cleaning and writing.
Moving my body - walks around a small mountain near my apartment.
More focused on Yoga and meditation.

Morning Calm.

Soaps and balms that I basically use for my body. I like to go simple,
using things around me here, yet still beautiful and powerful.
With the idea of harmony between you and I, we and this earth.
Soils, grains, flowers, tea leaves and Asian medical herbs.
I'd love to share them all.

I decided to just let this beautiful post introduce itself. I'm sure many of you know that Hwasoon makes the most beautiful soaps and lip balms under the name Morning Calm. It is so lovely to get a glimpse into her daily life and the process of making her amazing products. I love being able to share a day in the life of someone who lives on the other side of the Pacific. Be sure to visit her blog and shop. Thank you so much for sharing, Hwasoon. This is such a perfect post for a holiday Monday. Next week we'll be sharing a day in the life of Beca from Tales of a Tumbleweed. You can see the archive of other day in the life posts here. Have a great week, everyone!


Sadie at BLIM

Despite the perfect storm of a playoff hockey game, the long weekend, and a downpour conspiring to keep people away, BLIM was fun and not totally slow today. Thanks so much to all who stopped by, took a card or hung out with me for a little bit. It was great to meet so many talented Vancouverites. I am definitely coveting a few items that I saw at some other tables today and can't wait for the next BLIM market that I can be part of. I'm looking forward to working on some custom pieces for people that I met today and restocking the Sadie shop with some pieces that I made for this event. Enjoy the rest of the long weekend, Canada! There will be an amazing Day in the Life post here on the Sadie blog tomorrow featuring Hwasoon Kim of Morning Calm. 


BLIM in Vancouver is tomorrow!

Hi everyone! My first week of work went really well (they kept me busy!) and now my first real long weekend in quite a while is getting started. I'm going to be spending much of today doing things to get ready for the BLIM market here in Vancouver. I'm going to bring as many new pieces as I can and the Sadie shop will be closed tomorrow. If you're in Vancouver please stop by and say hi. Thanks so much to all of you for your comments on my island adventure photos. I'm glad you're all interested in this part of the world now. It really is worth visiting, it's so beautiful. See some of you tomorrow!

Since the BLIM poster is impossible to read, here's the info: 

Sunday May 22 | 12 – 5 PM | By donation
Heritage Hall (Main St. and 15th Ave.)
4-elements / Army of Rokosz / Bianca Barr / Boat / BollyWool / Brian Robinson Fine Foods / Cardero /Collective / Delainy Gluten Free Baked Goods / Dream On! / EWMA / Firefly Notes / Irit Sorokin / Jem Gallery / Kristy Biggs / Marnie Jantzen / Parish / Rho your / Ripe / Robbie Vergara / Roy / Sandra Saunders / Sari Fujikawa / Sassy Vintage / Sadie Designs / Farmers Daughter / It’s Your Life / Open Sesame / Sedated /Selfish Birds / Shanti Uganda / Soaps / Squid Kid / Super Craft Star / Sweet Valentines High Tea / Tiny Fig / Trudy Ann’s Chai / Vancouver is Awesome / Zula Designs
and many more…
Blim will be presenting a monthly Community Market this month to take place back in good old Heritage Hall.
This Month’s market will include 48 vendors, music, hot food, beverages, and entertainment. Vendors will include food, fashion, accessories, supplies, fine art, vintage items and records, and not be limited to crafts. And there will be a focus on nurturing and promoting creative production in our community. We want to appeal to young, old, hip, plain, babies, animals, men, women, everyone.
We are very excited about this event and what it can contribute to Mount Pleasant’s artistic vitality, and how it can help support and encourage the local creative community.
Call 604 872 8180 or info@blim.ca for more information.


five friday favourites

rainbow garden duvet cover by diane von furstenberg
the moon - black gold paper bowl by etco

simple geometry triangle earrings by kathiroussel
amulet no. 20 by fort
leather storage tote by gildem
Five things, almost all of Etsy origins, definitely 100% awesome. First of all, I'm looking for a bold floral print bedding set, inspired by this image I pinned a few days ago. I found this amazing Diane von Furstenberg set and would love to have this duvet cover in our bedroom. Our apartment is south facing, but we look into our building courtyard and don't get a whole lot of direct sunlight. A rainbow garden would really brighten things up this summer.

Next a beautiful gold lined paper bowl by Etco. I'm not sure what I would do with something this delicate, but I know that it would look good in my house. I just really love the texture and matte tone of the exterior of this bowl. The whole Etco shop is worth checking out, really.

I know I really don't need any more accessories, at all, but I wanted to share these two pieces. The first, triangle earrings by kathiroussel are made with textured stainless steel. The second piece is by one of my favourite Etsy sellers: fort. I already have a fort necklace made from crocheted brass chain and I can't speak highly enough of this awesome shop. The packaging my necklace arrived in was really beautiful and each piece is truly one of a kind. I love fort's new amulet series. Check fort out regularly, you'll often find one of a kind jewelry pieces, ceramics, and even handmade leather-bound journals. It's always worth a look.

Finally, who does't need a leather basket? Perhaps you'd never considered your need for such a thing. Well, you are about to be obsessed with the idea. These leather storage totes are sooooo nice and so not grandma-style at all; I just had to share. I think I'd fill mine with library books.

There you have it, a few of my favourite things from the internet this week. Please don't forget to come and see me in the real world at Blim this Sunday here in Vancouver. I'll be at Heritage Hall with some great Sadie stuff from 12 - 5. And have a great long weekend, Canadians!


fresh air: denman island

This is the final post of photos from my island adventures over the weekend. These photos were all taken on Denman Island, another Northern Gulf Island and the island that we were staying on. Jamie invited us to stay with him at his family cabin, which was a cozy home base where we made great dinners and watched satellite tv. Our last day on the island was warm and dry and we spent a good part of the afternoon on a 9 hole golf course that's been built in a farmer's field. I've never golfed before and I took a few swings on this course only to realize that I think I swing left. I think this because swinging right felt uncomfortable and looked insane, but my first left swing felt way better and actually moved the ball in the right direction. I was mostly the animal wrangler during the golfing though.

The course was pretty unique and was completely covered in sheep crap, which Lola ate by the pound. It was totally impossible to stop her, as it really was everywhere, but I tried to prevent it as much as possible. As we left the course an island kid hit a ball in our general direction and just missed us by a few feet. What a brat! By the end of the day Lola was completely burnt out from insane outdoors adventures for two days straight, so she curled up in the cabin garden in a little hay-lined nest she built for herself. Ridiculous. Now she needs a bath possibly more than she's ever needed a bath before, and she's still tired. Jeff and I probably won't see a whole lot of her for the next day or two. She's worn out from vacation while I can't wait for the next one!

AND in Day in the Life news, next Monday's post will be by Hwasoon Kim from the amazing Morning Calm. You are not going to want to miss this one. It's going to be the perfect Monday morning post.


fresh air: hornby island part two

The second part of our day on Hornby Island involved a hike (really more like a leisurely walk) at Helliwell Provincial Park. I had to share so many photos of the later half of our day because it was amazing. The hike starts with a nice forest approach that leads to insanely beautiful sweeping ocean views. Mountains and islands, green cliffs, and miles of ocean make it impossible to avoid stopping to take a photo every two steps. The trail leads around a point on the island and into an old growth Douglas Fir forest. Look at the size of some of those beauties. Do I recommend visiting Hornby Island? How could I not! We also found a deer skull (which we brought home) and finished with a really delicious meal and pint at the local pub while we waited for the ferry back to Denman. This was such a great day, I hope you don't mind me sharing so many of my photos. By the way, can anyone ID the flower near the top of this post? One more island vacation post to come tomorrow, thanks for taking the time to look, read and comment!