I just turned 32 yeseterday. My last weekend as a 31 year old was so much fun. Camping on Galiano Island wth friends and dogs and a few fancy chickens. Camping Club III was a success. And I tried out the best birthday present Jeff has ever given me, my new Poler Napsack. Everyone should have one of these things!


i feel better

This is old and I'm behind the times, but here it is. Hoping some of you haven't seen this and if you have, well, maybe it'll just get you excited about the new Hot Chip album.



Jeff and I are part of this little thing called Camping Club this summer. We are going camping as often as we can manage and hiking as much as possible all summer long. So far we've been pretty good at getting out at least once a week and have already gone camping twice this spring (and that is with some pretty crappy weather happening in this part of the world). Here are some pictures I shot while we were on Whidby Island in Washington two weeks ago. Oh, and then we finished our long weekend with a Destroyer concert in Seattle. The picture of Dan Bejar was taken with the VSCO camera app on an iPhone 4S. The rest were taken with Camera +. Love that tree with a face.



Jeff's graduation from UBC with a BSc in Nursing. So exciting that we're both all finished school! Hikes with friends. And our garden is looking better than it ever has thanks to some recent renovations and some plant-friendly spring weather (fingers crossed).