BLIM Market, Vancouver

This weekend Jeff and I had a table at our first market and it was a great success. We had lots of fun talking to all of the people who stopped by our table, made some new craft fair buddies, and sent some of our handcrafted goods off to wonderful new homes. Our table set up went pretty well. There are a few things that I'm planning to change for next weekend at Portobello West, but all-in-all, I think we achieved a pretty, cohesive look with a colour scheme of white, gold, and red and kraft paper covering our table and some of our props. I also got a lot of compliments on my vintage Hudson's Bay wool jacket. I had to wear it, it matched our table so perfectly!

Jeff's dioramas went over very well! This one was particularly loved. We'll have a couple more available at Portobello West. I think it's great that this diorama is being given as a gift. Imagine getting this for Christmas! You'd never see it coming. This particular creation was called "Around the Bend." Also new at the markets (and now in the Sadie shop) are these glass bead and gold bar necklaces. Inspired by the colours of the Northern Lights, these little necklaces add a bit of delicate colour to any outfit.

Northern Lights in the Sadie shop now

Here's a glimpse of our table. I assure you it was much more lovely in person. It's tough to take good pictures in a poorly lit gym. The venue had a nice vibe, though. Lots of people milling about and great vendors down every aisle. I like that BLIM hosts vintage sellers and handmade crafty things.

Our table neighbours were Sara and Will from Little Finch Handmade. We really scored on who we were seated next to, the tables on either side of us were beautifully put together and both had items I would love to have in my home. In fact, one of those Little Finch gingham pins is in my house right now! I couldn't resist buying one for myself at the end of the day. We had a good time talking about being Etsy sellers, The Wire, and other things we had in common. I definitely want to sit next to Little Finch peeps at a craft fair in the future!

So, thank you to all of our friends who stopped by. It was really awesome of you to come out and support us, give us feedback on the set up, and chat for a bit. It was fun getting to meet my customers face to face for the first time and now I'm really looking forward to Portobello West next weekend. I'll have some more new stuff there, as will Jeff! Hope to see you there! Thank you to everyone who stopped by the first ever Sadie table this weekend! You made our day!


crystal diorama sneak peak

Well, as I've mentioned before, I'm doing a couple of Christmas markets here in Vancouver this weekend and next and I want to have a few things with me that I don't usually sell. So, there will be some new jewelry, but also a little something that Jeff has been working on. Here is a sneak peak photo of the awesome crystal dioramas that will be available at BLIM and Portobello West. These little sculptures were really the inspiration for the crystal cave explorer necklaces. I'm really looking forward to seeing one that has yet to be made, that will feature a grizzly bear and a camper. Looking forward to the weekend and getting out of the house. I've been a prisoner of school work and weather and can't wait to be out enjoying Vancouver. Have a great weekend!


music for a snowy afternoon

I can't believe that it's 3pm, it's been snowing all day in Vancouver (that almost NEVER happens!), and it's getting dark out! We have the Christmas lights on in our studio and took some time out of the day to chuck snowballs and make a snow...donkey. Why not take a few minutes of your afternoon for this little pick me up:

And remember, the weekend is close!


snow is falling and I'm sitting with a pile of sterling silver chain in front of me

What a day! I'm putting together a presentation, doing homework for another class and making a big stack of earrings for the BLIM Market on Sunday. It looks like it's freezing outside, but I can't be sure, because I'm still inside, in my cozy apartment, in my living room/jewelry-making studio listening to episode after episode of This American Life. Here's a little sneak peak of what the Sadie table is going to look like at BLIM this weekend: 

Of course, there's a lot more to it, but I don't want to give it all away before the market happens. I'm also really looking forward to embarking on the Eastside Culture Crawl this weekend. I love the Mergatroid Building on Venebles the most, I think. So many different studios all in one place, and my favourite, Heyday Design is there, too! I think the ceramics are my favourite things to check out. I've tried making ceramics, but I always end up with a ten pound bowl with one side caved in or a hand-built cup that would draw blood if you actually tried to use it. It's not good! I don't know what it is about the pottery wheel, but I just don't get it, so I love looking at things made by local artist who do, totally, get it.

If you are coming to the BLIM Market this weekend, make sure you check out the baking that some of the vendors do. It is so delicious and really beautifully presented, too. I'm going to have some new pieces there, as well as lots of stuff that is in my Etsy shop, like this rutilated quartz crystal necklace, which my friend Carrah calls her "magical pan flute necklace"...we could all use a little more magical pan flute, I think.

I'm especially happy with some of the vintage pieces that I've been able to incorporate in my table set up, and with these embossed paper golden antlers, which I'm going to use as little extras in my packaging. I must get back to all of my work that needs to be done today, including preparing everything for the upcoming Sadie feature on Lune. Regardless of whether you think the holiday season has arrived a little too early, try listening to this classic (1996!) episode of This American Life: Christmas and Commerce. David Sedaris's Santaland Diaries gets me every time. If you haven't heard it, make today the day!


guilty pleasure: the secret of nimh

Blair's pick this week for Guilty Pleasure Movie Club, and it was a good one. Very well-timed, considering we are all mad busy with school and work these days. Also some semblance of an actual Canadian winter showed up in Vancouver this weekend, making a nostalgic animated pick the perfect choice. There is really nothing like watching a movie you watched a lot as a child in a cozy room with friends, sitting in a leather chair that you've just discovered RECLINES! Yes! I had actually never seen this movie before, probably because I was a very sensitive child and wouldn't watch anything that looked even remotely scary if I could avoid it. Unless, of course, I was accidentally lulled into believing something wouldn't be scary at first, only to discover that it is terrifying and would be the subsequent source of nightmares for months to come (I'm thinking of you Wizard of Oz!). Anyway, I digress. The Secret of NIMH is a good one. You probably remember watching it when you were a kid, but if you haven't seen it I can say honestly it's a movie worth watching. The animation is old school, which I prefer, and a bit psychedelic here and there, and there's a crow that likes "sparkleys" and an (a?) heroic rat named Justin that Amanda (Guilty Pleasure Movie Club hostess extraordinaire) had a crush on. I can see why. Next week, Ryan's pick and a big tv. I can't wait. I'd like to see Ryan do better than Rollerball, and, yes, that is a challenge!


sadie photo shoot

I'm not even sure how this is even possible, considering a 75% complete draft of my thesis paper was due this afternoon, but yesterday Jacqui and Blair and I had a little photo shoot for the upcoming feature about Sadie on Lune Vintage. The sun was moving quickly on us, so we didn't have a lot of time to plan everything out, but I'm really happy with the results. I can't wait to share more with you in the Lune feature and put some of our shots up on Etsy eventually, too.

Photo: Blair Cheredaryk
I just had a crazy weekend writing, researching, making jewelry for my first ever craft fair (coming up this Sunday -- BLIM in Chinatown, come check it out!) and writing and researching some more. Thankfully, Jeff took some time out of his insanely busy day to bake some cupcakes and clean the apartment (our landlord is selling the place). I'm looking forward to getting this week behind me: setting up that first Sadie table, having all of my jewelry made, and presenting my thesis project thus far to my mentor. Are you getting a picture of how frantic I'm feeling right now? I might be able to take a deep breath on Sunday. Until then, here's an outtake of our photo shoot. Look how relaxed Jacqui and I managed to look in this photo, despite the fact that we were freezing!


weekend worship: i dream of icebergs

This is a picture of my sister Kate and I standing on an actual iceberg, maybe in 1986 or 1987. I like so much about this photo. I love both of our stances, and imagine that I'm being asked to stand still while Kate is being the good daughter (look at that CUTE face! I swear, she's got the cutest little kid photos ever!). I like that we are holding hands...maybe because the iceberg is extremely slippery? This photo was taken one year near Halifax, Nova Scotia, my home town. It was quite the event when all of these 'bergs washed up onto the Atlantic beaches. I remember driving to go and see them, dreaming of huge icebergs, the Titanic, maybe even penguins. When we got there some of the 'bergs were pretty big, but I was a bit disappointed by how dirty they all were...not the deep blue whites that we see in pictures, but gritty and even black on the underneath parts that were most visible to little me. 

I feel pretty fortunate to have experiences like this one under my belt. Now it seems that a lot of kids don't get to go outside, or play on icebergs. Growing up running around on my grandmother's farm, playing in the frigid Atlantic Ocean, and going to Mississippi parties that featured baby alligators (more on that another day, perhaps), I was allowed to do a lot and had really great outdoor experiences that have given me an appreciation of the natural world. Spending a Saturday checking out washed up ice flows, dirty or not, is a pretty great thing to do with your kids. This photo reminds me of those great outside times of my childhood...and of a time when my sister and I consistently looked rad in photos together. I mean look at us! We are awesome standing on that iceberg!



This time of year I always just feel like packing up and heading out of town. Of course, I know I can't complain too much because I was just in Portland (I took this picture during our trip back to Vancouver, in fact), but perhaps it's the Prairies that are calling me. Or the mountains. It's something all right, and it inspired me to book our tickets home for Christmas last night. I really do love the feeling of getting things together for a trip: making playlists, packing snacks, bringing presents with me for the people I'll be visiting.

You know, I think maybe it's just homesickness. It's been almost a year since I was in Calgary last, and I really can't wait to visit with all of my friends there, bake something delicious in Jill's kitchen (I hope!), meet Heather's new baby, see new apartments, and eat at old favourite restaurants. I just hope it isn't -40 (that's -40C AND -40F!) while I'm there. And that we'll have a chance to get out to the mountains. And that there'll be snow on the ground (we don't usually get snow in Vancouver). Is this all too much to ask? Where are you going this holiday season?

And, by the way, I have some exciting news! Jill at Lune Vintage generously hosted a contest to win sponsorship spots on her beautiful blog and I won! Congrats to the other four winners, too! Make sure you check Lune out and welcome to all who have found me through Lune! I'm really excited for the opportunity and the chance to connect with some new people!

P.S. As I was posting this the weather report came on the news and snow is perhaps in the forecast for Vancouver in the next day or so! Really? We will see if it arrives. Winter is here and I don't really mind! Oh yeah, and I bought the cat print!


handmade favourites

Well, Christmas is coming and this year I'm only going to buy handmade or personally make my gifts. There are so many awesome, unique things out there and I love finding just the right thing for the special people in my life, knowing that there is no chance that someone else will get them the same thing...or that they'll expect the gift I give them!  Recently my sales on Etsy have really picked up, too. It's great, I love packaging things up and mailing them off to other cities in Canada and places all over the world. It puts a smile on my face thinking about someone really connecting with the jewelry that I make and I love putting in the extra effort to make it a special occasion when they receive their purchase in the mail. I can't help but believe that this recent uptick in sales is an indication that other people are buying handmade and local this year, too, and I love that. We should definitely be supporting creative, small businesses and this is the perfect time of year to do just that!

On that note, here are some things that I'm really loving this year. In fact, this is kind of my own personal wish list. Jeff and I are moving into a new apartment in a few weeks, and that starry cat print would be so. unbelievably. perfect. in our new foyer. I just might have to get it for us as an early Christmas present. Everything else I've had my eye on lately, too. I hope you find something you like here. What are you giving this year? Are you buying handmade?

The Persian and The Massive Stars of 30 Doradus by ZipporaLux
embroidered zodiac constellations by MiniatureRhino
Materia Prima Wooden Necklace by StudioFludd
color study locket by Verabel
P.S. It should be noted that my friend Camilla first spotted this locket and shared it with me. I'm so glad that she did!


guilty pleasure: what about bob?

Guilty Pleasure Movie Club was great this weekend, if I do say so myself. It was finally time for my second pick. My first movie choice was Mermaids way back in August! This time around I wanted to pick something funny (everyone needs a pick-me-up this time of year) and something that reminded me of my childhood movie watching times. What About Bob? from 1991 (starring a wild-haired Bill Murray) fit the bill perfectly. Honestly, I had really considered Who's that Girl? starring Madonna (perhaps a title that was also a question was my subconscious criteria?), but upon viewing the trailer on YouTube I wasn't totally sure that it would stand the test of time.

Several movie club members in attendance hadn't even seen What About Bob? before! This is hard for me to believe, as my siblings and I watched this a lot way back when. Is it possible that 1991 was nearly 20 years ago?!? Movie Club makes me feel old sometimes! Of course, our movie was accompanied by a pretty great dinner with a really weird theme: "the Depression." It was a tough one to cook something for, but after a bit of research we all realized that plain food was the way to go (though apparently rice krispie squares and kraft dinner were both Depression inventions). Jeff even made pickled beets with the last of our fall harvest from the UBC Farm. Don't they look beautiful? The recipe is from a book that Jacqui lent me: Put 'Em Up. Delicious...and a great book. If you're into preserving you should definitely check it out.

me (left) and my sister at Mardi Gras...1994?
Finally, I'd like to wish my sister Kate an early happy birthday. I definitely wish she could've been here to watch What About Bob? with us this week, but, alas, we live on opposite sides of a pretty huge country. Something you might now know about me: my dad lived in Mississippi for many years and Kate and I visited him there for about two months of every year when we were kids. One year we went to Mardi Gras (amazing how many stories I still tell from this particular trip...) and, as you can see, my love of jewelry was clearly born. Happy birthday, Kate! I hope that we can see each other really soon!


agate geode cavers by sadie

Here they are! The first cave explorer necklaces were received so warmly that I've made some new ones. These crystal-filled agate geodes are all one-of-a-kind and contain a miniature 10mm tall cave explorer...with one exception. Yup, that last one there is a grizzly bear, and it measures in at a huge (by comparison) 15mm. The figures are all fixed securely within the depths of each crystal cave and have been chosen because they relate well to each unique geode. Surfaces are polished. Chains are silver. Find them all in the Sadie shop.

As I mentioned earlier, it's been a busy weekend and will likely be an even busier week, so until I can post again, please check out some of my favourites from blogland this past week:

A look at an Erin Templeton photo shoot over at Clever Nettle.
Trends come and go at Lune Vintage.
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Gift ideas for under $50 at I go by Katie.


weekend worship: finally sharing little winter treasures and more!

Well, I've been very busy this week, and today is no exception, really. I'm preparing for two upcoming craft fairs here in Vancouver: BLIM on November 28th at the Chinese Cultural Centre and Portobello West December 4 & 5 at the Rocky Mountaineer Station. Definitely stop by if you're in Vancouver and check out all of the amazing things that locals have made!

Here are some pictures of some of the things that I brought back from Portland. Let's start with my absolute favourite thing first: a leather utility pouch from forestbound. The leather is so ridiculously soft and the design so simple and beautiful. It perfectly fits my phone, camera, and wallet...what more could I want to carry around?

leather utility pouch

We also loved the Fieldguided table. Jeff bought this beautiful handmade linen tie. Perhaps he'll wear it at our wedding next year?

fieldguided tie

I always come home with a lot of books from Portland. Powell's and Ampersand were great this time around. I'll spare you the school related ones, here are the others that Jeff and I picked up while we were there. Even if I tell myself that I'm only bringing home one or two, I inevitably come home with a stack. When I'll have time to read them is anyone's guess, but I will most definitely read all of these as soon as I can manage.

new books

Finally, we stopped by my favourite art supply store on Alberta St., Collage. There I was able to pick up everything I need for the new Sadie packaging. And speaking of Sadie, there are new rings and cave explorers in the shop, so check it out! Hope you all have a great weekend.

new package materials
sadie packaging


land art

richard long: a line made by walking

As I've mentioned I'm currently working on my thesis in Landscape Architecture. Yesterday I was researching land artists and came up with some amazing finds that I thought I would share here. Take a look and follow the links to find out more about the artists and projects. These are all so evocative and so powerful. I won't go into the details of the role they play in my project here, but the images and projects were just too exciting not to share. Wrapped Coast is by far my favourite. It's absolutely surreal. I wish I could've walked on that shoreline. Alas, I was -12 years old at the time.

wrapped coast: christo and jeanne-claude

alban biaussat: the green(er) side of the line


portland: day one

ryan's captain buddy

Despite being up until 4AM the night before, we managed to get ourselves to breakfast at the Tin Shed at a reasonable hour. This coffee cup was amazing, but the food was even better. Biscuits and homemade raspberry jam, grits, and so much more. This is a place you must visit when in Portland. Also, they let dogs in, so we all got to pet two black lab puppies at the same time! The black labs would be a highlight for me (I'm a bit dog-crazy) until this little guy (big, actually, for a pug) showed up. Two pugs, actually! Saturday was the day of double dogs.

purple pug
washi tape heaven at collage

We walked around Alberta Street quite a bit, checking out my favourite art supply store, Collage, and then discovered what would become Ryan's most favourite Portland place: Ray's Rib Joint (good photo opportunities, you see).

al forno alberta
alberta street

Afterwards we went to Little Winter (great! I'll share some photos of my treasures soon), Powell's, and ate hot dogs. Our real dinner at Farm a few hours later was to die for. Toasted Oregon hazelnuts with brown sugar and tabasco as a starter...need I say more? Finally, Kurt Vile ruled and Voodoo Doughnuts sent us to bed with a sugar high (and, yes, Ryan did try the maple bacon doughnut). So good! I would never, ever accomplish this much in one day at home. I love how vacations can be super busy but you don't have to feel rushed or stressed because you really have no where in particular to be. And Portland is as good a place as any to visit, there is so much to do, way too much to eat, and really friendly locals. I've still got more pics to share from our last day there where we checked out a neighbourhood we hadn't been to before. Stay tuned.

kurt vile


portland: night one

border frame
amazing peace arch sculpture?
I haven't had a chance to go through many of my photos from our Portland trip yet, but I thought I'd share these few from our drive down and first night there. What a great first night we had! A bit of a traffic-filled drive before we were able to check in at the Jupiter Hotel, have a drink at a bar on the top floor of a cool building on Burnside, late-night waffles in a parking lot (while listening to Fugazi), and finally an ultra-late-night hang out in Ryan and Amanda's hotel room. Oh hai, Portland! More photos soon!

portland welcome
jeff at the waffle cart

lomo monday

dump 1
jumping pound creek dump. fed 5. 2007.


the boss

via NPR
I wasn't going to post again before heading out of town, but that was before I came across this over at NPR. You know, what better music is there for stressful, paper writing times mixed with a road trip than The Boss? And what better picture can you find to look at this morning? Just a little reminder to have a little faith, there's magic in the night.

Head over to NPR to stream the entire album and read all about the reissue of Springsteen's "The Promise".


we're going to Portland!

portland road trip
holga portland
We leave tomorrow for Portland with our good friends Ryan and Amanda. Can't wait to eat, shop, and try to find some good precedents for my thesis project! Here are some other things that I'm excited about:

Dirty doughnuts.
And so much more!

Let me know if you know any Portland secrets that I should check out! I'll be back early in the week to share some stories and pictures of treasures from our road trip!


a few new things...

small crystal 1

I came across these absolutely beautiful rutilated quartz crystal points and wanted to make something really striking with them. "Rutilated" crystals have mineral deposits trapped within the clear quartz, creating streaky needles of colour. In the case of these crystals the rutilation appears as forest greens, light pinks, and opaque whites. These tiny points are just 1/8" wide and of varying lengths. Six of them make up a substantial pendant, and they are bracketed by vintage faceted brass beads. I've finished the piece with gold tone curb chain that I got while I was in New York this summer.

large crystal collage
available in the Sadie shop
small crystal collage
available in the Sadie shop
These necklaces are quite a bit shorter than the ones I usually make, but I think the details of the crystals are better highlighted this way. My favourite thing about these necklaces is that each one is totally different from the last. It's fun to put together the crystals on the gold bar until you get just the right combination. 

I'm also happy to have some new baltic birch pieces available in the shop. Inspired by fall (which is quickly turning into rainy winter) I've created these asymmetrical leaf earrings (finished with sterling silver and also available with 14k gold filled findings). Check out the Sadie shop to see more of the new things that I've been making lately. Thanks for taking a look and thanks to all for the great support!