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Okay, LA Raised is one of my favourite things right now. I came across them on Etsy when I noticed our mutual love of crystals and immediately fell in love with their bright colours and nostalgic Southern California vibe. When I read that LA Raised's pieces "[soak] up the sunny California weather and [are] made with love and vibrance," I was convinced. Samantha Pascarelli ties that knots that make up LA Raised's beautiful, affordable, and handmade jewelry. I recently asked her some questions about her inspiration and plans for the future of LA Raised. Colourful friendship bracelets need to make a comeback, and Samiee is doing everything she can to make sure that happens. LA Raised's pieces are what summer is all about.

SADIE: What's so great about LA?

LARaised: I guess Hollywood would be an obvious. Stars and movie making. The stardom state, where everyone goes to get "famous". Though It's not at all like that for everyone else who isn't a celebrity or filthy rich and all. In reality everything is pretty normal. You get up and it's like everyone really wants a piece of something. Your always pushing forward trying to accomplish something. or maybe that's just me. There's a lot of creative people here, so I would say the possibilities are up in the air. LA is the "the sky is the limit" city. It's really just a fun state.

S: Why make friendship bracelets?

LAR: When I was in high school someone showed me how to do a 4 stringed bracelet. From there I progressed, I love friendship bracelets they're in inexpensive way to adorn your wrists. To tell you the truth I feel naked if I don't have any on.

S: What inspires your colour palette?

LAR: I love colors and with friendship bracelets you truly can't go wrong. The brighter, the better. I love nature, beaches, flowers. Totally hippie earth stuff.

S: How many people make bracelets for LA Raised?

LAR: To tell the truth most of the time it's just me the owner. I hardly ever need help but if I ever need it I'm sure I can get a few girls to fill the spot.

S: Best place to make a friendship bracelet?

LAR: If it's not hot, which Cali is, outside on a bench facing my backyard which looks like a forest/park. Plus next to my different kinds of daisies. If not hopefully somewhere air conditioned.

S: Top 5 summer songs for 2010?

LAR: I can't say these are all new songs..

1-Empire of the sun-Walking on a dream (ALL Songs!)
2-Brandon Flowers-Crossfire
3-Edward Sharpe & The magnetic zeros-Home
4-Heads will Roll-Yeah yeah Yeahs-(for going fast in a car)
5-The killers-Everything really

S: What are you reading right now?

LAR: You wouldn't believe it. My first goal in life was to be a novelist: a romance novelist. I'm a book fanatic, I have stacks and stacks of books. Right at this moment I'm reading L.J. Smith's The Possessed. I just finished reading Melissa Mar's series & my favorite author is Jude Deveraux.

S: What's next for LA Raised?

LAR: Well L.A. Raised is doing so well. This Wednesday we are to included in the US weekly magazine (our
14-stringed Zuma). That's the highest we've reached so far.

As in what's next to come out in jewelry: more bracelets! Ha, well, of course, but I working to try and combine the bracelets with necklaces we'll see how that comes out.

Make sure you check out LA Raised's online shop & look for them this Wednesday in US Weekly magazine.

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