One of the benefits of living in Vancouver is that you have so many beaches that are IN the city to choose from, this is pretty different from Halifax and Calgary (obviously), the other Canadian cities that I've lived in. Also when you're in Vancouver, on one of these urban beaches, you are likely going to be surrounded by twelve pound puffballs that will let you carry them around. They like it. Here is my friend Natalie with her new friend Jimmy (a girl dog) at Kits beach. Jimmy was too lazy to play with the other dogs and seemed to prefer being held like a baby by humans anyway.

Also, I've been practicing and practicing making new jewelry for Sadie and I think I'm finally getting the hang of it. This is just a little sneak peak of something that I hope is coming soon. For now I call it "Single Tear". The chain I got in New York City earlier this summer; it's gold-filled curb chain imported from Japan.

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