recycled jewelry

I've been making these lately...

I've been making these necklaces lately out of thrift store finds and vintage pendants and chains. Inspired by a crazy necklace that my friend Camilla was wearing when she came for a visit from Montreal, I've been collecting a variety of interesting chains to use on these super long necklaces (about 36"). Pendants are made up of upcycled earrings, necklace pendants and beads and vintage pieces that I've found on sites like Etsy. Camilla's necklace had so much stuff on it that it maxed out the chain. I like to think of these ones as works-in-progress. If you found another awesome thing you could easily add it. Click on any of the photos to learn more about the pieces on Flickr.

gemstones & snake pendant

gemstones & snake pendant chains

golden cage

golden cage detail


Dionysius chains

Sticks and stones


  1. they're so pretty, and i love the asymmetry. i'm also a huge fan of recycling little found bits and pieces!

  2. Thanks! I really like the treasure hunting part of making these. So glad my friend brought some inspiration with her and I love how two will never be the same!


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