monday afternoon

Good afternoon, everyone! If, like me, you find yourself sitting in front of a computer right now trying to stay focused, why not (like me) take a break. I have the perfect site for you to check out! Marigold Santos, my good friend and an amazingly talented and hard-working artist, has just launched her website and I think you'll love it. I've taken a look and have had a very hard time choosing which images to show here, so in the end just picked a few of my favourites in hopes that they'll send you off to her site to see the rest. Marigold and I went to school together in undergrad and I love what she's doing these days. Blacklit paintings!?! Her work is so exciting; I urge you all to check it out. So spend some time on her site and if you're in the Kingston, Ontario area head to her show at Modern Fuel; it's on now and runs until October 23rd. Congrats on the new site and exhibition, Marigold!

dusk, ardor, marigold santos (2009-2010)
IGNITION 6 installation, marigold santos (2010)
land asuang, marigold santos (2009)
crystal workshop, marigold santos (2009)

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