weekend worship

Might I suggest opening up this link in a new window while you read this autumn-inspired blog post? Daniel, Fred and Julie offer up perfect Canadian mono folk for this time of year.

This week I began my final year of school. I'm in my third year of a master of landscape architecture program, so we're now working on our grad projects, with much of our prescribed course work behind us. This is year eight of university for me, grade 21 if you want to count up all of my years of school, and probably the last year that I'll be in school. I can't wait to be finished, but I know there's a pretty long road ahead. I miss non-school related reading, I have a stack of novels that I would L-O-V-E to read right now, but I find myself spending time with journal articles instead most evenings. Well, and a little bit of time with the Situationists, too, which is pertinent to my research and pretty awesome.

We didn't get up to a whole lot this weekend, yesterday was spent reconnecting with good friends and visiting the Richmond Rock and Gem Show. I left with a beautiful light blue geode that I thought I might regret leaving behind and a piece of tumbled petrified wood for my friend Carrah.

richmond rock and gem show
light blue geode

Fall is definitely here. It's been raining and raining, and I saw these bins of pumpkins and corn in Richmond yesterday.
Okay, there was still a bin of watermelons, too, but these seemed much more seasonally appropriate.

fall pumpkins
harvest time

There are a few new things in the Sadie shop, including this Holy Mountain-inspired necklace. Check them out and keep checking back for new stuff. There will be lots in the coming weeks!


  1. that geode is pretty cool.

    and pumpkins!
    can't wait for october.

  2. Yes, October in Canada is pretty special. Thanksgiving AND Halloween!

  3. awe! i love the pumpkins!!!! they're so cute and fallish! i cannot wait for the fall weather!!



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