weekend worship

bloedel floral conservatory
bloedel floral conservatory
Wow wow wow wow wow. What a great weekend! Due to a very special wedding that was taking place in Vancouver this weekend (congrats Ryan and Amanda!) I had a fun-filled few days with some amazing people! Thursday: Six Acres with guest of honour Amanda, veggie sliders, and gingerman beer (you have to go!). Friday: fun times with my hair twins, Jill and Matt and our excellent photographer, Jeff. Saturday: a beautiful ceremony and super fun reception at Queen Elizabeth Park for Ryan and Amanda. Oh, and before that a manicure with Jill, after which we checked out the Main Street Autumn Shift festival, where Jill bought some lovely dahlia earrings from A Farmer's Daughter and I won a six pack of buns from a local bakery...weird. Sunday: breakfast with Jill (cinnamon buns and bagels from Solly's) and catching up on the brand new 30 Rock and The Office. Soon: The Guilty Pleasure Movie Club. What a fun weekend, so glad to have met some new people and celebrated with great friends!
vintage beaded clutch, manicure, and markhed oxidized silver ring
jill's manicure
queen elizabeth park
not a bad fall day for a wedding at queen elizabeth park!
jill and sarah
jeff looking handsome


  1. What an amazing weekend you had! Lovely blog and thanks for sharing my ring with your readers!
    Marie from Markhed

  2. Thanks, Marie! I love my Markhed ring!


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