guilty pleasure: adventures in babysitting

When I was a kid my sister Kate and I watched a lot of movies together. At my dad's place I especially remember being allowed to watch things that were way too old for us: Richard Pryor movies, a James Bond movie where Bond almost gets cremated alive that scarred me for years, The Temple of Doom, and so on. Of course, we also watched lots of kid-appropriate movies, too, and Amanda's choice for the Guilty Pleasure Movie Club this week was just one such movie, though it does drop the f-bomb a couple of time. I guess I see Adventures in Babysitting as being kid-appropriate because it was so kid-relatable. I was probably about 8 or 9 when I first saw this movie and I wanted to be Elisabeth Shue, she was second only in awesomeness in my mind to Sarah (Jennifer Connelly) in Labyrinth. Oh, the babysitting Elisabeth Shue was so cool, so well-dressed, so tough, and I remember being particularly impressed that she was allowed to invite friends over to her gigantic bedroom without first asking her parents' permission. 

After an absolutely amazing "country"-themed dinner (corn on the cob, chilli, cornbread, honey butter, rice, mac and cheese, potato salad, punch, mint julep ice cream and pecan praline...oh my gosh!), this was also a particularly great movie to actually sit down and watch from beginning to end. I had forgotten so much about it, and though I spent the entirety waiting for Charlie Sheen to appear (only to be reminded that that's Ferris Bueller's Day Off), it was still a great choice and a thoroughly enjoyable way to spend an evening with friends. Since I forgot to take a picture of the mint julep ice cream and pecan praline I'm offering a look at just part of the dinner spread. So amazing. Next week we are taking a hiatus for Canadian Thanksgiving, but we'll be getting together in two weeks with a pick from Jeff that may or may not be Halloween themed. Can't wait!

dinner spread
popsicles instead of ice cubes!


  1. oh my gosh that's a lot of food for dinner! i have to admit that i've never seen that movie. i seriously worship 80's movies and watch them all the time, but somehow i've never seen that one!

  2. Dinner was pretty out of control...in a good way! I've never seen "She's Having a Baby," that's the '80s movie I need to watch to feel complete, but this one I have seen a whole lot!


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