guilty pleasure: evil dead 2

Before Halloween is over in Vancouver I thought I'd post this week's wild card Guilty Pleasure Movie choice: Evil Dead 2. It was a toss-up between The Shining and Evil Dead 2, and in the end, I think we picked correctly. I saw this movie probably about ten years ago and for others it had been a while, too. After a great dinner of butternut squash soup, sweet potato salad, wilted spinach salad with blue cheese and cranberries, we settled in with a bowl of candy, pausing when needed to answer the door for occasional trick-or-treaters. The best thing about this DVD is probably the "making of" special feature. Since the movie dates back to 1987 everything was done the old fashioned (and I would argue way cooler) way: puppets, models, monofilament, and camera tricks. Working on this movie must have been so fun and it was great to see how they put it all together. Go rent it! It's not too late!

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