guilty pleasure: i'm gonna git you sucka

This week's pick? I'm Gonna Git You Sucka, as chosen by Jeff. Jeff claims to have waited 17 years to see this again, and much of it, we all agreed, would have been funny 17 years ago. It was surprising to me that this movie was from 1988. I guess either it doesn't feel that old or I don't feel that old. The highlight for me was 23 year old Chris Rock as "rib joint customer". I checked, Rock was only in an episode of the Miami Vice TV series and played "Playboy mansion valet" in Beverly Hills Cop II before this, but he still manages to be a scene stealer. And, of course, watching this early Wayans brothers movie brought back great memories of In Living Color, a show I often watched while eating mint chocolate chip ice cream in our basement rec room as a kid. The Greek themed dinner was also an incredible success. I won't be forgetting the delicious potatoes that Blair whipped up for a long time and I have a new favourite thing: lemon-stuffed olives! Who knew? They're amazing.


  1. What a movie! I've been dreaming of a lemon potato lately too. Here's the recipe. http://allrecipes.com//Recipe/greek-style-potatoes/Detail.aspx

  2. What a movie, indeed! Thanks for the recipe. I'm definitely making these!


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