guilty pleasure: the wrong guy

Next time you're having friends over to watch a movie might I recommend a) The Wrong Guy starring Dave Foley and b) having "breakfast for dinner" be the theme of your evening meal at said get together. This week's movie choice was a superb triumph, as the others have all been, but for totally different reasons. This movie was guilty (Canadian, from the '90s, starring Dave Foley and Trudeau, slapstick...), and it was actually a pleasure (hilarious, none of us had seen it recently, many had never seen it at all). After eating croissants and two different kinds of waffles with whipped cream, maple syrup, strawberries, dulce de leche that Jeff and I brought back from Paris, and washing it all down with orange juice and champagne, we were all in the mood for a movie like The Wrong Guy. When it was over and we were all crashing from the sugar dinner we'd eaten we all agreed that the night was a big success. Later Blair told us about an encounter he'd had with a black bear wherein it ran passed him and he found himself surprised that it could run that fast without wearing shoes. What a night! Next week is the Halloween wild card guilty pleasure movie pick and the dinner theme is "candy"...oh no! No!


Here's the trailer for The Wrong Guy and the recipe that I might have to try to use up the rest of our French dulce de leche...once I get over the sugar hangover I currently have.


  1. That is the most epic brownie recipe Sarah. Looks amazing! I might fly to France now for my own dulce de leche. I'm glad you liked The Wrong Guy so much! I forgot Blair said that. He has a handlebar mustache right now. It's something...!

  2. I hope I get to see said moustache. I would've forgotten Blair said that too if I didn't write it down right away. Also, I'll go dulce de leche shopping with you in Paris!

  3. This post put a smile on face. i enjoyed reading this so much, i smiled in the end. & thanks for the lovely comment on blog.

    Your blog is great, its different and very uplifting i deffinately will come back

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