ira keller fountain & the portlandia,
together at last thanks to the magic of holga
Next month Jeff and I are heading to Portland for a weekend of food, fun, frolic, Kurt Vile, and Little Winter Market! I've been to Portland a bunch of times and I absolutely never ever get sick of it. I always think of it as a miniature NYC, without the millions of people. Culturally there is so much happening, the shopping is great (and oriented towards local designers and small-scale production), the food is incredible (and also local, organic, vegan...), and, of course, Powell's City of Books is there (what other reason do you need to visit Portland?). This time around I'm really looking forward to going to Little Winter. I've been following the vendor profiles over at frolic and it looks like it is going to be a really beautiful collection of talented artists and designers showcasing their wares. As a student of landscape architecture, Portland is also a place that we often study for its precedent-setting management of Pacific Northwest rainy weather (and subsequent stormwater run-off), bicycle-friendly planning, and livable/walkable city centre design (that'd be "center" in Portland, of course). In my excitement I've prepared a little taste of the things I like to do while in Portland. Check out the links below and let me know where you like to go when in Portland. There are way more amazing places than I've included on this list, perhaps I'll drop a few more as the date of our mini vacation approaches.

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  1. that sounds like lots of fun! i've always thought that the two main reasons i have for wanting to go to portland are: local design & shopping, and healthy but delicious food. oh, and a third, the weather; much different from virginia!

    pretty picture!

  2. Ryan and Amaanda: Jeff and I also can't wait! I wish we could go for a week!

    Danielle: I'm really excited for this trip, too, especially because of Little Winter. The pic is from one of my all time favourite trips to Portland, with our good friends Jamie and Carrah on a mission to see Animal Collective. So fun!


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