BLIM Market, Vancouver

This weekend Jeff and I had a table at our first market and it was a great success. We had lots of fun talking to all of the people who stopped by our table, made some new craft fair buddies, and sent some of our handcrafted goods off to wonderful new homes. Our table set up went pretty well. There are a few things that I'm planning to change for next weekend at Portobello West, but all-in-all, I think we achieved a pretty, cohesive look with a colour scheme of white, gold, and red and kraft paper covering our table and some of our props. I also got a lot of compliments on my vintage Hudson's Bay wool jacket. I had to wear it, it matched our table so perfectly!

Jeff's dioramas went over very well! This one was particularly loved. We'll have a couple more available at Portobello West. I think it's great that this diorama is being given as a gift. Imagine getting this for Christmas! You'd never see it coming. This particular creation was called "Around the Bend." Also new at the markets (and now in the Sadie shop) are these glass bead and gold bar necklaces. Inspired by the colours of the Northern Lights, these little necklaces add a bit of delicate colour to any outfit.

Northern Lights in the Sadie shop now

Here's a glimpse of our table. I assure you it was much more lovely in person. It's tough to take good pictures in a poorly lit gym. The venue had a nice vibe, though. Lots of people milling about and great vendors down every aisle. I like that BLIM hosts vintage sellers and handmade crafty things.

Our table neighbours were Sara and Will from Little Finch Handmade. We really scored on who we were seated next to, the tables on either side of us were beautifully put together and both had items I would love to have in my home. In fact, one of those Little Finch gingham pins is in my house right now! I couldn't resist buying one for myself at the end of the day. We had a good time talking about being Etsy sellers, The Wire, and other things we had in common. I definitely want to sit next to Little Finch peeps at a craft fair in the future!

So, thank you to all of our friends who stopped by. It was really awesome of you to come out and support us, give us feedback on the set up, and chat for a bit. It was fun getting to meet my customers face to face for the first time and now I'm really looking forward to Portobello West next weekend. I'll have some more new stuff there, as will Jeff! Hope to see you there! Thank you to everyone who stopped by the first ever Sadie table this weekend! You made our day!


  1. Wow! Looks gorgeous! I love that you and Jeff are doing the table together! Love!

  2. Thanks Sarah! It was so great to meet you and Jeff on Sunday. I will be doing BLIM again in the new year and hope to be beside you again.
    I love (love!) my necklace and couldn't wait until Christmas to wear it!

  3. isn't it so fun meeting new crafty friends? i think that's the thing i love most about selling! glad you had a good time!

  4. Kait: It was fun. We usually do homework together, but sitting at a table, drinking coffee and talking to lots of new people was way more fun. It was like we had a working vacation together!

    Sara: I'm glad you got yourself an early Christmas present! You definitely picked one of my favourites, too. I'll definitely be doing BLIM again once I'm finished school. Hope to see you there!

    Danielle: Totally unexpected benefit of doing the craft fair. There are so many talented and like-minded people in my city that I have never had the chance to meet before. I'm excited for this weekend now, too!

  5. Looks great Sarah! Those gold bar necklaces are awesome. Very subtle but I could see myself wearing the one with the translucent yellow beads or the green one

  6. Thanks, Grace. I really like simple jewelry and subtle colour palettes, glad you do, too!


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