portland: night one

border frame
amazing peace arch sculpture?
I haven't had a chance to go through many of my photos from our Portland trip yet, but I thought I'd share these few from our drive down and first night there. What a great first night we had! A bit of a traffic-filled drive before we were able to check in at the Jupiter Hotel, have a drink at a bar on the top floor of a cool building on Burnside, late-night waffles in a parking lot (while listening to Fugazi), and finally an ultra-late-night hang out in Ryan and Amanda's hotel room. Oh hai, Portland! More photos soon!

portland welcome
jeff at the waffle cart


  1. That sculpture is by Lead Pencil Studio: http://www.leadpencilstudio.com/main Thanks to Heather for passing on the info!

  2. late night waffles sound really good!!Hope you share the rest of your pictures from Portland soon.

  3. What is Jeff ordering? A bus engie from the VW minibus?

  4. did you just say fugazi?!?! i think we're meant to be friends ;)

    late night waffles sound so good, and now i'm thinking about how much i'd like a big fat waffle topped with powdered sugar!

  5. Late night waffles are definitely the best thing ever. I was skeptical until I tried one...oh man...so delicious! I think it was actually the fugazi that drew us in and sealed the deal. A waffle truck blasting fugazi at 1AM? An irresistible combination of things, if ever there was one. :)

  6. Haha, awesome! I heard that the guys who run this place all live together in a small apartment, which is so hilarious! All these dudes living and working together... oh man.

  7. I can't even imagine running a waffle truck with a bunch of roommates. Crazy life, I'm sure. They've really got something great going on though!


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