new apartment, new art

Did I ever mention that I spent most of the summer of 2009 in Europe? And that Jeff came with me for the first three weeks and we got engaged in Paris? I was going through some old photos today and came across a whole bunch of great shots that I want to do something with. I'm scheming about ways to use them in the new apartment and have some ideas. This one of a light shop in Amsterdam is one of our favourites and it really suits the character of our new place. I think it might have to be front and centre in our living room. Oh summer...well, winter solstice has passed so we're on the upswing now!


  1. i am absolutely in love with this photo. it's beautiful.

  2. Gorgeous photo. I loved Amsterdam.. oh, and Paris too!
    Happy Holidays to you! ;)

  3. Morgan: Thank you! I'll be sure to post pictures of how we display it. :)

    Cabin: Yes, I was choosing between this one and some from Paris. I have a great photo of a vineyard in Montmartre that might still make an appearance. Happy holidays to you, too!


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