five friday favourites

I'm going to share a mix of things here today that I've been loving lately. I hope you'll find something to you enjoy amongst these things, too.

1. Dirty Projectors

This is not exactly a new song, but I've been listening to the Dirty Projectors a lot lately, and this is one of my favourite songs. I generally like way weirder music, but this makes me happy on the bus ride to school. 

Sanaaq talisman necklace by pagan poetry
I find Diane's line extremely inspiring. I love the way she combines materials and her colour palette is soft and evokes cold climates and winter days. And don't you worry, that's faux fur she's using! I'm very inspired by Diane's beautiful blog and her story. She also studied landscape architecture (which is what I am studying right now) and became smitten with jewelry design along the way. I'm sure you will love her work.

3. Heart Shaped Box

I've been thinking about this video a lot lately. Perhaps because I've been seeing a lot of Valentine's Day related stuff everywhere. If you haven't watched this video for a while, it's worth taking another look at it. It was intended that it be filmed in Technicolor, but that type of film was either no longer being made or being processed. Instead, the director came up with the plan to have the frames coloured by hand, thus you end up with the amazingly vibrant and slightly surreal coloration of the video. I realize that this video might still be a bit controversial, but it is one that has really stuck with me. I still love this so much, I cannot believe that this album was released in 1993. I am getting old!

4. Paul Newman

This photo of Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward is just too good to be true. I want to recreate it with Jeff and Lola. I might have to work out for a while first to be able to hold Lola like that. This reminds me that another western movie you might want to check out is Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. Seriously! They're good when you give them a chance!

Okay, so I haven't actually tried Habit Forge yet, but it seems like a pretty good idea. Except that I already get a lot of e-mails and they are already a bit distracting. This site allows you to set a goal and holds you accountable to yourself for twenty-one days, just long enough to turn the change you seek into a lasting habit. I think I'm going to give it a shot. Just need to figure out what would be the most useful habit to forge. What good habits do you wish that you had?

And just a bonus list of some great giveaways that are going on right now:

Carla at Starry Eyed Charlie is generously sharing one of her beautiful dandelion rings here. While one of my other favourites, Wichser Studio is also hosting a generous giveaway for custom designed jewelry pieces and more!


  1. love the paul newman picture!

  2. oh i love this list! the nirvana song/video, that necklace is gorgeous, and habit forge i'm definitely going to try, lord knows i should.

    also, i am going to give the westerns a try and will let you know when i do. i meant to come back to that video in your last post, but didn't get the chance. now is the time.

    thank you so much for mentioning my giveaway here :)

  3. i was just going to comment on here and tell you that i've been meaning to say that i LOVED the kitchen photo of paul newman & joanne... you should totally recreate it! :) THANKYOU for sharing it. gorgeous, indeed!

    also, i was running today and had on that nirvana song to keep me going... i think we are kismet ;)



  4. aww LOVE paul newman! I love everything you put on your list!

  5. I LOVE PAUL NEWMAN--he is such a classic heartthrob. Happy Friday!

  6. Paul Newman was such a good looking man. Love the post!

    Hey, thank you for commenting on my sister's blog, Eco-friendly Freckles, about my new Etsy shop and blog openings: Storybook Artifact. Please feel free to follow my blog, and to get in on the latest scoops of my interests. I am following yours and look forward to your future posts. :-)

  7. What a sweet old photo.:)
    I used to tell people that I was actually related to Paul. Was easy to do with our last names being the same before I got married.;) He really was a wonderfully handsome man. The Newman's Own food products are great too.:)


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