the forsythia club

I went on a little walk today after I got home from school. I've been crazy busy the last few days and have really been ignoring the poor dog, so it was nice for us to get out for a while. I chose our route with the intent of finding some blooming forsythia (the little yellow flower below) to photograph because I've been noticing that it seems to be around already. Rumour has it that you can plant your garden peas when the forsythia starts blooming, but I can't imagine getting away with getting the garden started in the middle of January. I think it's still going to be way too wet in the days to come and last year our peas didn't amount to much anyway (thank you, sparrows!). Do you have a garden? When will you start it? I'm thinking late March for us here in Vancouver, but I've already been perusing the West Coast seed catalogue.

Lola and I were lucky today on our search for signs of impending spring. Not only did we find forsythia, but we also found a slightly confused already-blooming cherry tree! Yup, there it was, just down the street from our place. There are always a few around that start really early. Seeing this one is a very promising indicator of great things to come!

If you're feeling like you could use some spring inspiration check out the let's pretend it's spring giveaway on Lune Vintage. Jill has just revealed her new line of accessories and they are glorious and summery. I am really coveting one of those Ojo pendants! And now it's afternoon nap time!

P.S. Here's the entire first episode of Portlandia. It starts with the same video that I posted yesterday, but then it's all new. It'll make you happy if you've got half an hour to spare.


  1. people around here go crazy with forsythias, so pretty much the entire state (okay, so maybe just the southern part) is yellow.

    i couldn't imagine starting a garden this early! we usually start the seeds in april, then plant in may maybe? i usually don't pay too much attention to the time, i just go along with it and do whatever chris tells me to. the eating is what i most enjoy!

  2. I can't believe things are already blooming over there! We don't see forsythia in Muskoka until well into April - we're buried under snow for a while yet! You lucky thing! :)

  3. Danielle: I think it would be awesome to see a gigantic forsythia grove in bloom. Like millions of those suckers. I would love to visit Virginia someday, I have no idea what it's like. I would never have guessed that it's forsythia-crazy. My favourite part of my garden is the strawberry patch! I think if I lived somewhere warmer I'd try to grow melons.

    Lisa: Yes, we are lucky. My mom lives in Calgary and she doesn't like hearing about the fact that our tulips are already coming up. Of course, it also snow-rained today, which was gross and cold. :)


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