two new things...

Just a quick post today to give you a head's up on a new Grizzly Cave Explorer in the Sadie shop. This is the last of the grizzly bears that Jeff and were making things with over Christmas. The diorama and the first Grizzly Cave Explorer are gone, but I finally found the perfect stone for this last little figure!

I'm also adding a new amethyst druzy necklace. Amethyst is the February birthstone and it's totally my favourite stone right now. Thanks to all of my new followers and commenters, by the way. You make keeping this blog going even more fun!

UPDATE: So, moments after I posted the latest Grizzly Cave Explorer I was contacted by a buyer, so you'll notice it's now reserved. I promise, however, that there are more Cave Explorers on the way soon. And don't forget about the lumberjack in the shop. He doesn't photograph particularly well, but he is super fun in person! Check him out!


  1. I LOVE the bear! What a great surprise haha

  2. Oh! That is such an adorable idea!

  3. cool! the bear looks right at home in there :)

  4. What a great idea! I would have never thought of a geode diorama.

  5. Jihee: Thanks!

    TheFrogBag: Thank you! Your photos are so awesome!

    Belinda: Thanks for your comment. The grizzly is definitely a perfect fit in this particular geode. I'm happy to have found just the right one for him. :)

    M.M.E.: Thanks! They're equal parts fun and frustrating to make. So tiny and so totally worth it!

  6. Your pieces actually take my breathe away.
    I am going to seriously troll your shop now;)
    You are truly TRULY talented!

  7. Oooh, I love Amethyst! It is known for it's calming nature, which I'm totally into right now.


  8. Gorgeous gems! I am so lucky to have amethyst as a birthstone. :D


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