guilty pleasure: the professional

Dear friends, this will just be a very quick Guilty Pleasure Movie Club post today, as my attentions are required elsewhere momentarily. However, let me just say that this week's movie pick, by Guilty Pleasure member Drew was a really, really good one. Like, actually, honestly really good. It made for a nice genre change, introduced us to some '90s film and was accompanied by an awesome dinner with double dessert!

Nothing about The Professional (1994) made it feel dated, except for how young Natalie Portman is and Leon's round glasses. It's riveting from the start and I can highly recommend it. A New York themed dinner goes well with this movie, too. Check out the trailer below.

Please make sure you watch the trailer for our runner-up movie, too: Hercules in New York. Can you understand a word Arnold says? I sure can't.

And finally, CHECK BACK TOMORROW because that's when the Sadie Designs GIVEAWAY begins. To thank you all for your support and interest in my work I'll be giving away a beautiful Sadie piece to one lucky blog reader. Have a great afternoon!


  1. I loved that movie!
    But I didn't remember the title. i thought it was Leon.
    Great movie!

  2. The Professional is a great movie. One of my favorites. Natalie Portman was adorable in it.

  3. OnePerfectDay: I think it's known as three different titles: Leon, The Professional, and the combo title, Leon: The Professional! So good no matter what it's called!!!

    Lulu: Yes! Natalie Portman was great in it.

  4. jean reno, gary oldman and natalie portman? how did i not know all of them were in this movie? haha natalie has always and is a favorite of mine and i think the other two are just amazing actors, really good with their craft, you know? definitely going to have to add this to my netflix queue. like, i had always known this was one of portman's first movies, but now that i've seen the trailer, i'm itching to see it! haha

    thanks for the reference miss sarah!


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