weekend worship: fort langley adventures

fraser valley

fraser river

Weekends like this one start to make me feel human again after a cold, rainy winter and living and breathing school for so long. Jeff and I drove out to the Fraser Valley this afternoon and went to the Fort Langley Antique Mall. The last time we were out there was with our very good friend Marigold. We spent hours out there with her that day, and I got an amazing photo for Jeff's birthday, but that was almost a year ago. Today we decided it was time to go back.

How beautiful is this part of the world? It's all river, mountain, ocean, and forest. I love it here and these early (in Canadian terms) spring days make all the overcast days seem so worth it. Below are a whole bunch of images of some of the treasures we found. We left empty handed but had ice cream before heading home. It was such a relaxing way to spend the afternoon. Oh, and if they still made the type of film that the KODAK Pony 828 camera requires I would have bought it in a second. It looked like it had a lot of potential, but, alas, 828 film is difficult to find. I've discovered that you can use 35mm film if you make some modifications but I need to do more research before going for it. I like to use my vintage cameras a lot and would love to add that one to the collection. I might stay on the lookout for the Pony 135, which would be a lot easier to find film for. Click on the photos to find out more on flickr. 

Oh yes! I'm going to host a giveaway here when I hit 150 followers, so look for that to happen soon, I hope! Have a lovely Sunday! It's my last day of vacation and I plan to celebrate with sleeping in, homework, and a guilty pleasure movie with friends!


cheap trick

cat string

dog tin


pony 828

ice cream


  1. that camera looks like quite the dreamboat. isn't kind of upsetting though when you find an amazing old camera but know that you won't be able to use it because of the rare film? sometimes, as long as it's super cheap (like $5 or less), i still get an old camera if it's interesting looking, just to sit out.

    now i think i'm going to try to get chris to go antique shopping or looking with me soon!

  2. Oh my goodness! Those ice creams are amazing---waffle cones are where its at.

    And that Kodak Pony! beautimous.

    Per the usual---I want to tag along with you on all of these little adventures.

  3. mmmmmint chocolate chip!

  4. weekends like that rejuvenate the soul, doesn't it? to be surrounded by earth's beauty.

    plus, there's nothing like a good thrifting adventure that gets my heart going :) nor ice cream.

    happy sunday xo

  5. Ooh, it looks like you had a great weekend. I can't wait to get out and enjoy the sun.

  6. looks like a similar weekend to mine! except i didnt have any ice cream! but believe me i sure wanted some!!!

    that camera is gorgeous but 828 is hard to find and is a pain to get developed if you dont have access to a dark room.

  7. It was such a beautiful weekend! Great photos!
    Thanks for the props, and yes, I will be at Blim in March and April... Will you?

  8. sounds like a really fun day out and about. canada seems like the most beautiful and magical place, truly. a lot of people never believe me, but vancouver is one of the top places i want to travel to and/or live in someday. it seems like such a beautiful and wondorus city. my dad always traveled a lot, including to canada for work (the company he works for now is headed in vancouver.), so i grew up dreaming of visiting someday.

    once again, your photos are awesome, as well. <3


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