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Rebecka is a fellow landscape architecture student that I met last year when she came to the school I go to on exchange. We had some amazing times involving pickled eggs, nachos, and Joe Montana. I really wish Rebecka was still here in Vancouver, but now I have a good reason to visit Sweden. These photos give me about 12 new reasons to want to go there, too. Let's take a look-see...

On my bike. Malmö. Sweden.

I’m happy to share my morning bike ride, through my city, with you. It’s one of the highlights of my day, moving, passing and thinking, time dimensions intertwined. The 20 minutes bike ride always takes longer. This is what I see…

First, the horrifying view of the demolition of the landmark and Scandinavia’s largest Ferris wheel, one of the few chances to get a view over my flat city. It’s a great loss for the city and its people. I’ve been observing the dismantling and people who observe the dismantling.

I pass the legal graffiti wall and the now so empty plank that later gets filled with music. On the other site of the road a construction site with the worst housing project appears and remind me of the gentrification process the neighborhood is facing. A few months ago this site was derelict and later became a political art project with shacks against capitalism and homelessness. I was invited to share a soda with one of the temporary dwellers.

My mood takes a positive turn when I bike around the corner and this beautiful former church approaches me, it glows in the night and consists of dancing people and once it was filled with my papier mâché animals for The Very Best concert.

The historical city center, the large squares, the statues of fat men on horses and hordes of biking people, all that I have to pass. Later the waterfront, a place that once consisted of one of the world’s largest dock for constructing ships, now a university and polished offices. My office, together with flourishing cultural expressions, like last summer with an extravagant dance show. And all the restaurants have pictures of the old industrial site.

At last the dreaming view that sometimes makes it hard to concentrate on office related tasks. It changes constantly, weather and enormous boats. 9 h to Finland, announced with loud speakers that fills the entire harbor.

The city moves. So do I.

Thank you Sarah for letting me borrow your bike in Vancouver!

Thank you Rebecka for sharing these beautiful photos and you were brave to ride that bike I lent you! Check out Rebecka's blog AB synth industries, too. And, please, come back to Canada soon! Next week's guest post will be from Melanie of Kittenrocket. Check back!


  1. her point of view is so beautiful. she captures her city beautifully

  2. I really like your blog post Rebecka. Especially how you observe the observer of the ferris wheel,and his dachshund observes you!

  3. I too wish Rebecka was still in Vancouver. It was such fun to meet yet another cousin from Sweden and share good times. I love these photos from Malmo, a lovely and interesting city. Thank you Rebecka - hope to see you in September, 2012.
    Hugs, Karin

  4. oh wow, i want to go to sweden! rebecka's pictures are beautiful, and i love seeing things from other people's lives!

  5. I know, these photos totally make me want to go there even more than I already did. I love the idea of riding around in Malmo, exploring the city.

  6. WOW I absolutely loved this! Thanks so much for your wonderful features Sarah. The first photo of the Ferris Wheel got me sad thinking about the demolition of a landmark. That's always heartbreaking to see no matter where in the world. Oh, and the last series of photos, gorgeous! I don't blame Rebecka for losing interest in office work to gaze!

  7. thank you everyone and especially to sarah who gave me the trust to share my day in your very popular blog! it got me really inspired and i will start blogging on my own, it has slept way to long now! so until you all visit me in sweden you can practice some swedish at www.absynthindustries.blogspot.com

    see you!!

  8. Hi Rebecka!

    I love your photographs -- what an amazing eclectic city.....absolutely beautiful. Thanks for sharing!


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