a day in the life of gale from wichser studio

Welcome to another day in the life post. Have I mentioned lately that I love this series? Let's think way back to Danielle's guest post way back at the beginning. It's just been week after week of inspiration and beautiful photos since then. I can't thank all of the contributors enough and I am definitely going to keep this going if I can! I hope that you've all been enjoying it, too. 

This week's post is brought to you by Gale from Wichser Studio. I found Gale's jewelry designs when we were both featured together on Jillian's blog. I loved Gale's jewelry and was so excited to be featured alongside her. Let's take a peek at a fun day in this talented lady's life...

This day marks the beginning of "warm weather mentality" for Jeff and I -- we've officially packed those winter blues away! Music is something we both can't live without, so our springs and summers are spent at concerts and outdoor music fests whenever possible.  We saw one of our favorites The Slackers, at Asbury Lanes. This was our first concert of the season!

What I love most about Asbury Lanes is that it's a functioning vintage 60's bowling alley. Throughout the concert, people bowled on the remaining side lanes, while the middle lanes were used for center stage. This place was easy going and seriously a ton of fun in all its retro quirkiness. They had pop art on the wall, colorful pillows and lounge chairs, Christmas lights, and my favorite -- a full bar! ;) 

It was a such a free-spirited night with awesome music from The Slackers and another band, Hub City Stompers from New Jersey, who were great as well! We drank, danced, had Irish Car Bombs, and Jeff even got right on stage to shoot some photos! After a very long winter and our last summer spent preparing for our wedding, we plan on making up for lost time with more concerts this season for sure.

Aren't these photos beautiful? They were taken by Gale's talented husband, Jeff, whose photography I always admire whenever it appears on Gale's blog. Thank you so much for sharing, Gale! Be sure to check out the Wichser Studio blog and shop. They're both at the top of my favourites list.

In other news...my final studio presentation in landscape architecture is Wednesday afternoon, so wish me luck. I can't believe that this day has finally come. It's been three insane years in this program and I have so many mixed feelings about it all coming to an end. I am definitely looking forward to getting more time to work on jewelry and so many other creative pursuits that have been put on the back burner lately. Thanks to everyone for all of the words of encouragement and great comments and beautiful guest posts. You've all made this month of sitting at my studio desk and working away so much more exciting. Thank you.

Next week's day in the life post will feature the amazing Carla from Lola and George and Starry Eyed Charlie. Another post you definitely do not want to miss. See you on the flip side of this crazy presentation day, everyone!


  1. Oh my goodness, the end is so close you can TASTE it! Good luck! You will rock it :)

  2. PS: I am very jealous of that bowling alley! I want to go!

  3. i want to go too!!!! everything under one fabulous roof?! YES PLEASE!!!

    gale i had been looking forward to this when sarah first said yours was up next. how amazing to be a talented duo (you and your husband!). one thing i instantly fell in love with about you is your music soul.

    i LOVED your post! and being part of one of your days. xoxo

  4. I love Gale! I can't believe she likes the Slackers, too! Way cool :)

  5. First, WOW you are almost there! I'm so happy for you. Break a leg:)

    Thank you so much for including me in this fun series, Sarah! It's really been great following along too! I love finding out little extra tidbits from fellow bloggers.

    & Thank you sweet ladies for your very kind words<3 Katie, I'm starting to see we have some common interests in music!! That always, makes me happy!

  6. That bar looks so cool, Gale! I wish we had more places like that in Las Vegas.
    Sarah, good luck with your presentation:) Get it over and done with already!

  7. gale is so awesome, and i'm so glad to see a day in her life!

    sarah, i can't wait for you to finally be finished with school 1. so you can relax, 2. so you can work on your shop because i can't stalk it while it's closed, 3. so i can have you back to myself! hahaha!


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