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As you guys know I have less than a month left at school and that's why things have been a bit quiet around here and in the Sadie shop. With just a month left concentrating on my final project continues to be challenging, especially with spring showing up in Vancouver. I've decided to try to do one thing a day to keep life on track while I'm working on my project. So, yesterday I got a long awaited haircut, the day before I went to the bank, and on Wednesday I applied for a new passport. My old one expired in December and I haven't been out of the country since our trip to Portland last fall to see Kurt Vile and go to Little Winter. I've got the wanderlust!!!

If all goes as planned my new passport will be here by the time I do my final presentation and Jeff and I can head to Washington on a much anticipated mini road trip. Sometimes we'll drive down just to go to Trader Joe's (you have no idea how much cheaper groceries are in the States than here in Vancouver), but I'm wondering about a camping trip to a place we went to a few years ago. The beach in this particular state park is made of quartz stones of all colours and shapes and you can watch all of the boats from Vancouver Island heading through a small passage to Seattle. So fun. Just one little problem, of course, and that is that Lola hates camping! I have so many travel ideas right now, but they are dependent on so many other things. This photo I took in about 2004 or so I think on the greatest road trip that Jeff and I have ever embarked on: Calgary to San Francisco and back up the Pacific coast with weeks to spare. So amazing and we discovered many places that remain our favourites to this day. Oh, Oregon coast, I will see you this summer, some way, some how!!!

What is the best road trip that you've ever been on?


  1. I'm shocked to learn that groceries are so much cheaper in the States! I feel like everything is expensive here haha. But it's probably just California :p
    Your little road trip sounds so much fun. I want to go to Seattle so bad! The beaches sound beautiful. I know the Oregon coast has some GORGEOUS beaches that I fell in love with while I was there.
    I have to say the best road trip I've been on though was to San Luis Obispo. I love that city so much. I also had a good road trip to Vegas one time, but that's a given :p

  2. Your trip sounds perfect! The best ones are the ones when you don't have to worry about time. I've only been to Seattle, last spring, but reading about your trip up and down the coast definitely gives me an itch to explore the west coast more. I hope your plans work out and you get to travel- what a perfect way to celebrate the end of school!

    My favorite road trip was driving to Toronto/Montreal and Quebec on our honeymoon. I love Canada. I wanted to move there so badly. Last year we drove to the Rockies, but the vacation choice was between Colorado and Toronto. So this year, we'll be headed back up to Canada if we can afford it.

    Good luck with your presentation!

  3. I haven't been on many road trips & really want to do more. I guess my favourite so far was the last one. Ben and I drove to Portland and stayed with friends for 2 nights, then drove to San Fran and stayed a few nights, then drove home going along the Oregon Coast part of the way. I'd be happy to do that trip again with more time to spare. We only had a short amount of time for each part: we didn't even get to drive the whole way back along the coast as we had to get back so Ben could work the next morning. Everything we did get to see was amazing though! Portland was very quick, a bit of wandering, lots of beer, a bit of shopping. San Fran was excessively hot, and unfortunately I got sick so wasn't able to enjoy it as much as planned. We drove to San Jose one day to see the Winchester Mystery House which sadly wasn't as cool/creepy as expected but was still neat. The Coast drive was GORGEOUS and I kind of loved the tiny weird stuck-in-the-past towns we drove through. I want more time to stop in more places like that for treasure hunting! We only stopped once and I didn't end up finding anything. Although we did stop at one stretch of beach so I could dig my toes in the sand :)


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