Since I've been staying late at school recently I had a chance to get a better picture of the blue whale skeleton in the Beaty Biodiversity Museum on campus. My studio pals Ivy and Emily both have the exact same photo from a stop we made on our way to the bus the other night. Seeing this dude every day makes me really happy. It's a nice reminder about all the wonders of life that are otherwise too easily missed when I've got my head down in my routine. He comes from Prince Edward Island...a fellow Maritimer. Rendering is what you do to whale fat and landscape architecture drawings and it's what I've been doing all day, every day lately. The drawing part, not the processing of whale fat. Have a good long weekend everyone!


  1. Love the photo, that guy is awesome!

  2. that WOULD be cool to see every day! The connection of rendering is pretty neato too :)

  3. Yeah! He totally is awesome!


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