A few more pictures of our amazing weekend to share with you. Nairn Falls is beautiful and apparently has a lot of tragic stories of people getting too close. It's pretty impressive as waterfalls go, though I still think this one in southern Ontario that Jeff and I went to was better. Probably because of the nearby floral clock, though. I'm sure many of you Canadians have camping trips planned this weekend and I'm also sure that a few of you Americans have some fireworks in your possession. It's kind of great that our big national holidays fall on the same long weekend. Jeff and Lola and I are going to try to get some Vancouver stuff done this weekend but we're also thinking about getting out of here for a bit. 

The truth of the matter is, I need to see some sun, and there is truly none in the forecast for Vancouver for the next few days. We have this new weather forecast here called "marine clouds," which I hate. It basically means a layer of thick, grey clouds with a bit of rain and zero actual sunlight. Time to head somewhere sunny! What are your plans for the long weekend?


  1. Seriously! What is up with this warm, grey weather? Yeesh.
    We've got a little party at my mom's house on Friday night, are dog-sitting our friend's sweet but annoying dog the whole weekend, and I'm going with my mom to Bard on the Beach on Sunday night. Which will be a nice getaway/reward at the end of the weekend spent with the whiny pup, haha. It will be good though. I'm hoping he settles in.

  2. Beautiful pics Sarah! The falls are just incredible!

    Happy Canada Day this weekend! We are staying home for Independence Day, and doing some BBQing! There is a burn ban in my state, so no fireworks are allowed. It has been so dry, with little rain, that the smallest spark could start a wildfire. We will still have fun enjoying the family, pool, and good food!

  3. okay sarah, i have one request: please stop posting such beautiful pictures of a place i want to visit SO badly!!! i can't wait until i can visit vancouver; i've always thought it looked so beautiful and the kind of place you visit but never want to leave.

    i need some sun, too. i actually had a tan (for the first time in my life, i think) for a couple weeks thanks to being at the pool pretty often, but of course things get busy and keep me indoors so i'm back to my regular, pasty self.

  4. Sarah, all these photos are magical. I want to explore this place badly! That photo of the pink flowers with the sun on the bed of green...ahh makes me think of a fairyland. Gorgeous.

  5. Dang! Talk about nature's beauty!

  6. Stina: I know, this weather has really been getting me down. Good this the long weekend was nice!

    Orange: Thank you! Sounds like you have a great weekend planned. Happy 4th!

    Danielle: Haha. I hope that you do get to come visit some day. It's beautiful here. I promise to show you around and take you to the best restaurants. Japadog, perhaps?

    Gale: I hope you make it here someday, too! Thanks!

    Oh, My Darling: I know....such a beautiful place.


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