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This post is sort of a public service announcement, of sorts, because right now Canadian Etsy sellers are facing a big problem! Canada Post has locked out it's workers, so there is no mail moving anywhere in our gigantic country. Having just gotten back from Calgary, I had a few packages that had to go out this week, lock-out or not. I'd heard through the Etsy Vancouver street team that mailing things in the US is easy and cheap, so I decided it was time to check it out. If you live near the border, especially here in Vancouver, this post might help you figure out how to send out your packages in the US until this labour dispute is figured out. By the way, Jeff is a postie so I support them 100%.

From Vancouver we drove to Point Roberts, where we crossed in the regular vehicle line up. The border guard in the booth just sent us inside to fill out a quick form and pay $10.75 USD to get a commercial entry permit. We then went to two different mailing places in Point Roberts, The Letter Carrier (which doesn't ship internationally) and TSB Shipping Plus (which does). I had quite a few packages to send out and discovered that even with the cost of the permit it probably cost me only 2/3s of what I would pay to ship here in Canada. Of course, that doesn't take into account the cost of gas and my time getting out there, but while we were in Point Roberts we also filled up on gas that was 20 cents cheaper per litre and bought some ice cream and a few other things that aren't available in Canada.

The only down side of our trip? Do not eat breakfast in Point Roberts. The café that we ate at was super lame. They're baked goods were great, but the rest was terrible. Baked eggs on romaine lettuce? No thanks!


  1. So sorry to hear that! We just got a few orders to ship to Canada, will that effect our customers getting their packages? I asked the post office, and they said they are still accepting packages, but that was on Friday, so he said to check back on Monday....

  2. i've been wondering what options my canadian friends are left with! hopefully customers will get it, and be understanding. eggs on romaine sounds awful, btw!

  3. Now we know why our mail hasn't arrived! I've been expecting a few things :(

  4. Beca and Marie: Yeah, no packages arriving or leaving Canada right now. Luckily I'm close to the border, though. AND baked eggs on romaine was disgusting!

    Alli: I hope they get things running again soon. I want to be able to get mail again, too. :)

  5. If only I lived in the States or closer to the border!
    I've been having to hold all parcels since the lockout.

  6. What a nightmare you guys in Canada are having!


  7. Thanks for posting this! I told my fiance about this, as he sells on eBay. I don't know why we didn't think of it ourselves. It's pretty convenient considering we're only 30 minutes from the border.

  8. hey Sarah, i feel you girl! what a pain it's been with the postal issue. the company i work for actually chose long ago to ship from the states instead of here, it's like half the price...bonus! love the dedication and how you went to PR to mail the goodness off. i've been there before and actually they do have ONE good place we found. not sure the address but it is by the water and its Schezwan style. you pick your own food and they cook it for you. kinda cool : )

    here's hoping the postal service shows us some love soon! ♥


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