queen e

the park and the city
white and green
white and yellow
green shapes
pink honeysuckle
handkercheif tree bracts
white and green again
sunset over quarry garden
fountain family

I've been away. I just spent a long weekend in Calgary and Banff, having a super awesome stagette weekend with some of my best friends. Perhaps I'll share some photos from that trip soon. Because it's been so long since I really put together a post I don't know where to start to catch things up around here, so let's just start with the here and now and see what happens with the rest.

I took these photos at Queen Elizabeth Park here in Vancouver last night. Jeff and Lola and I went on an awesome walk and then listened to Ideas on the CBC. You could say that we had a senior citizen evening, and I'd be okay with that. It was beautiful and interesting, respectively. And yes, I did go to bed before ten. Click on the photos to maybe find out more on Flickr. Bonus points for anyone who IDs some plants for me...I'm so rusty with the Latin these days! Finally, if you're looking for a good podcast this weekend, might I recommend Dogs Themselves from Ideas? It's kind of awesome. Have a good one!


  1. These photos are so gorgeous, Sarah! Like, I kind of want to roll around in them! Haha.

  2. These closeup shots are incredible--I love it!

  3. Thank you all. It was so fun to spend some time in Queen E park last night. Now I'm really looking forward to the East Van garden tour this weekend!

  4. Beautiful photos! I love all those white flowers.

  5. how beautiful is that garden?! and senior citizen evenings are my favorite! we are getting a puppy tomorrow, and i can't wait for morning and early evening strolls with our growing family. :)

  6. Beautiful photos! I would love to make it up that way someday!

    I'm a new blog follower from the etsy blog team :)


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