five friday favourites: pie

pies pies pies by wayne thiebaud (1961) via the ny times
handpainted magnets by StudioFludd
by chocolate editions
After am awesome twitter conversation with Cal, Beca, and Danielle the other day I have not been able to get the thought of homemade pie out of my head. So I offer you my favourite dessert painter since I did my fine arts undergrad, Wayne Thiebaud, StudioFludd's awesome pie chart inspired pieces, a chocolate pie chart, a beautiful pie crust, and a recipe for cherry pie that I say I'm going to make but that I'm probably just going to try to convince Jeff to make. I love that there is so much fruit in season right now! And I love that it is Friday!


  1. I adore every last crumb of this post!

  2. Ooh this is making me hungry! Lots of blogs posting about cherries this morning...going to have to hunt some down at the farmers' market tomorrow! Mmm!

  3. Pie in a jar is the best! But not as good as alchemists virgin pie! I love our twitter conversations. =) ...now I want pie.

  4. yummmm pie!! i need to go find some pie now! haha.

  5. Oh my god, that first photo is SO delicious. I want to bake a pie, now!


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