carrah's rad summer: dar es salaam, tanzania (part two)

Carrah's amazing post continues with some photos from the safari they went on. I want to see these animals!!!

Yup. We were that close.

The Maasai clothe themselves in deep red blankets making a striking figure against the dusty background of the plains they wander. They are an amazing people who still live a traditional nomadic lifestyle with a total rejection of comforts of the modern world.

Stone town in Zanzibar – known for its epically beautiful hand-carved wooden doors.

Zanzibar has paradise beaches that people take their pet monkeys for romantic walks along. (Look closely.)

Saying goodbye to the Indian Ocean and the equatorial sun.
Thank you again for sharing your summer adventure, Carrah! See you in just a few days! I hope you all enjoyed this very special post, too. Check out a few more rad summer adventures here.

On a somewhat related note, the National Zoo in Washington DC has issued a press release about the way animals reacted to the earthquake on the East Coast yesterday. It's kind of awesome.


  1. are you kidding?! this looks amazing!! i want to go to there.

  2. simply breathtaking.

    happily found you through ebt.

  3. Totally incredible! I'm amazed at the cuteness of those baby lions. My fave! And that monkey walking on the beach makes me want to move there right now . . . to lie on that gorgeous sand, and to hang out with monkeys as they pass by!

  4. wow amazing photos. they got so close! also, if i had one, i would take my monkey for walks on the beach everyday! sooo adorable omg.

  5. love your photos!! new follower EBT!


  6. Oh wow! These photos are so incredible. I can't get over how crisp the images are and the content is mind blowing!

  7. Oh my god!! I love the bike story so much. And the photos, holy cow!! Love the one of the produce, and those lions, oh my goodness.


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