being outside

Life has been busy, and when we haven't been busy we've been outside soaking up the amazing autumn weather in our part of the world, or getting soaked by rain that is starting to show up more frequently in Vancouver. For the next three weeks Jeff, Lola, and I will be travelling to some amazing places. Can't wait to share them with you here. How is your fall going? Or is it spring where you are?


  1. Lovely. Got up to The Chief on the weekend, the one nice day of the week in Vancouver & took advantage! Fall is coming as a shock because we had such nice weather up until a week or so ago.

    I miss the sunny weather already.


  2. I love the northwest so much! I bet the weather there is great. We're still stuck in summer down here in SoCal...I can't wait for some rain & a bit of gloom. Being outside cures all. I also can't wait to see your adventures! Have so much fun Sarah!

  3. Sarah, i always love the photos you share of our beautiful BC scenery. these ones are tranquil and seem so at peace. have a wonderful time over the next weeks out and about, can't wait to see where you ended up and the things you'll see.

    thanks goodness the rains gone away the last few days, i actually walked home today over the Georgia Viaduct and took my coat off to soak in the rays. lovely to get a mix but i'm prepping for a big down pour soon....we are such a soppy bunch on the west coast hey?! baha. ♥


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