today is the day: Jeff and I are getting married!

Yes yes yes. It is here! Today is the day that Jeff and I have been planning for for the last year, dreaming of for the last two years, and headed towards for the last ten. Yes, we've been together that long. So, while we're getting ready, exchanging vows, and celebrating with our friends and family I hope that you'll enjoy taking a look at some vintage wedding photos from my family. I love them all and think it is so fun to see the changing styles and advancing photography techniques. Thank you all for your well wishes, advice, and lovely comments! It's great sharing this amazing time with you all. Have a wonderful weekend!

my great uncle seward and doris brown (late 1950s)

my grampy and nana (grandparents on my dad's side), not sure 
about the date of this wedding, but I love my nana's style!

my grandfather and grandmother on my mom's side. robert and isabel fraser (1946-ish)
they were photographed separately for some unknown reason.
 my 92 year old grandmother still lives in that house. that dog...not so much.

my aunt shirley and uncle kenny (1967) 
love the colour photo.

my aunt fran and uncle clark (1972)

my mom, janet, and stepdad, dave (1988)

my beautiful sister kate and her husband aaron on their wedding day in Calgar

Gosh, I just love these photos. I think my mom looked so beautiful and I remember being at that wedding. Can't wait to share our photos...all in good time!


  1. SARAH!! <3<3<3 Nothing but love for you today on this beautiful glorious day! Congratulations to you and your love. I can't wait to hear all about it. You must look so gorgeous<3

    I love all these photos and your mother's style on her wedding day-- the woman knows what she's doing!

  2. congratulations, newlyweds! i hope today was as perfect as can be. thank you for sharing your photos- i too adore your nana's style. xoxoxo.

  3. Wishing you all the best for your special day.
    Toni xo

  4. best of luck sweet friend<3 i hope you are as happy as a clam!

  5. Ohh I'm so so so so happy and excited for you!! These pictures are so lovely and I can't wait to see yours added to it. Congratulations, and have a perfect day ")

  6. I can't wait to see your pictures, too! Congratulations, lady! I hope your day is awesome!

  7. congratulations!! I'm sure you'll have an unforgettable day. xx

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  9. Aww, so sweet! I love old photos. That was a great idea - thanks for sharing them :)
    Can't wait to see photos from yours!!


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