a few new things before I go

Before I head to Montreal I really wanted to get the Sadie shop updated. I haven't been home on a weekend day in three weeks and today was my one and only day off here in Vancouver to get things done. Jeff and I had a nice day walking around the city, but I also made sure to get to the post office to send off Etsy order #299 and take some photos while it was light out so I could do some editing and put some new listings together tonight. I'm also taking a few pieces with me to Montreal in the hopes of finding a shop to carry my work. Now I have finished editing photos, researching the metaphysical properties of unikite (what are you doing tonight?) and there are lots of new things in the shop. Quartz earrings, aquamarine necklaces, rutilated quartz point necklaces, antique pressed tin earrings, and more. Check it out and have a great weekend! I'm off to New France!

P.S. Thank you all so much for your comments on our wedding posts! We really appreciate all of your kind words and that you've enjoyed us sharing the details of our wedding with you. More to come, though I promise not to talk about it forever!


  1. congrats on the wedding lovie! and i love your new items, so pretty!

  2. I love all these new items! I hope Montreal is treating you well! What is this unikite you speak of...clicking link, now!

  3. gorgeous pieces of jewelry! those earrings looks like beautiful little ice blocks.

  4. More beautiful things; like I'd expect anything else! Have a blast in Montreal (I love that city!) and good luck peddling your wares--any store would be lucky to carry them!

  5. Maria: Thank you!

    Cal: Montreal did treat me well! Unikite is one of my favourites!

    Taylor: Thank you.

    Claire: Thanks, Claire! Montreal is wonderful, isn't it?


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