mixtape: putting the fog to sleep

A new playlist to replace our wedding tunes mixtape. This is for quiet, cool nights. I'd like to think it's a mix that you bake to or listen to while you knit mittens, but we all know the truth. Like Jeff and I, you're probably doing the dishes or making dinner. I hope this makes it all a bit better and quieter. Enjoy.

track list:

1. quién? (suite) - juana molina
2. in the fog III - tim hecker
3. s'vive - bibio
4. lately - washed out
5. roller skates - samiyam
6. summerdata - emeralds
7. blackberry song - kurt vile
8. the making of grief point - voscil
9. putting the dog to sleep - the antlers
10. these eyes are berries - múm

1 comment:

  1. Sarah, I'm totally going to listen to this mix later this week when I bake a pumpkin pie. I might start up knitting too. The first song is really chill and pretty.


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