business time

It's been a bit all business, all the time around here (and in my life in general as both my day job and Sadie have ramped up a few notches in the past few weeks). There are still packed boxes in our new apartment and my to-do list just keeps getting longer, no matter how much I accomplish in a given day. I'm sure you know the feeling. It's just a busy time of year.

So today I just wanted to share one small thing. This is the view I have from my lunchtime walk Monday - Friday. From my office on the North Shore we have an amazing view of Burrard Inlet, the Port of Vancouver, downtown Vancouver, and more. Turn around and there are the North Shore Mountains. It's a beautiful place and on days like these, when I'm insanely busy and a bit stressed and the sun is shining (in November in Vancouver?) I have to take a walk to soak some of this in. I thought you might want to take a look, too. That right there is the Pacific Ocean, friends. What did you get up to this weekend?


  1. That's an amazing view! When I had a day job, I was in downtown Chicago across the street from Millennium Park. I don't miss the job or the commute, but I do miss how pretty it was.

  2. real nice, sarah. real nice. no, i do not see the pacific ocean every day, but it's very kind of you to rub it in ;)

  3. wow, you're so lucky to have such an amazing view! i hope all the stress and busy-ness doesn't get too overwhelming.


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