parker fitzgerald

I recently discovered the work of Portland, Oregon-based photographer Parker Fitzgerald. I love the colour and light and all of the greens that show up in his work. His photos remind me of everything that I love about living in the Pacific Northwest: dense forests, outdoorsy people, grey days that are easy to romanticize (and that we all come to dislike as winter sets in). You can check out Parker Fitzgerald's Flickr photostream and blog (all of the images above are from Flickr). You'll find page after page of amazing images like these ones. It was hard to choose favourites for this post.

In slightly less exciting news, Jeff and I have started watching Breaking Bad and we are really into it. I think I know what we're doing this weekend between packing and getting ready for some holiday craft shows. Enjoy the long weekend, Canadians! I'm assuming it isn't a long weekend south of the border since you lucky dudes get four days off for Thanksgiving soon!


  1. that's definitely some eye candy, and i really love the first picture. well, i actually love pretty much any picture where the photographer uses smoke for a otherworldly or spooky effect.

  2. that smokey picture is so intense! I'm going to see what other kinds of things he has done.

    Enjoy your long weekend/holiday!! I sure wish it was this week here instead!

  3. These pictures are gorgeous! I love the smoke effects. Oh and ALL my friends LOVE Breaking Bad! I've been wanting to watch it but I already have like 3 shows I watch haha.

  4. Danielle: I love pics of pretty ladies with long hair and a bunch of trees and plants around them. For real. Gets me every time.

    Katie: Have a great weekend, Katie!

    Jihee: Breaking Bad is so addictive. Be prepared to watch a lot of tv once you get started. I seriously love it though. You should check it out.


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