some wedding details

Let me start by saying thank you to everyone for your response to my last post about the things that I've learned being an Etsy seller. Your response was so positive and it was great to hear from people who were inspired to get making some new things, walk away from their stats, and who wrote to tell me that they appreciated my perspective on Etsy. It was great to hear because I honestly never thought I'd write a "tips" post. Thank you.

Today I thought I'd share some of our wedding details. All photos are by the brilliant Elle & R. Our flowers were put together by the wonderful Ali at Oasis Flowers in Vancouver. I loved the seed pods and the perfect shade of purple that Ali used. Having all of our flowers around our apartment after the wedding was awesome, too, we enjoyed them (and used them in Sadie jewelry photos) until there was no denying that their day had come and gone. Our lighting was all purchased online and was put up by friends who didn't necessarily consider themselves decorators. The heart was the work of Jill and Doug, key members of our decorating committee.

The banner that hung from the front of the schoolhouse was forgotten there at the end of the night. Given the condition of our guests by the time the party bus arrived, it's not hard to figure out how such a thing could have been overlooked. The banner was from an Etsy shop that doesn't seem to be around any longer, but there are lots of other shops that make similar things.

Our place settings were very much the work of my mother and Jeff and I. We all collected vintage plates from thrift shops in Vancouver and back in Alberta, my mom finding the lion's share. The mismatched plates and simple floral arrangements helped us create the relaxed atmosphere we were looking for. Soon I'll share the table numbers that some of our artist friends created for us. My favourite thing about all of these plates is the fact that they are going to be used at another wedding next year. We are so happy that they're making the wedding rounds and that a friend can take advantage of this awesome collection, too.

The amazing lemon poundcake with lemon curd, white chocolate ganache, and marshmallow fondant was made by Camilla. Her baking is incredible and her preserves are pretty great, too. These days I'm considering another wedding so I can marry her strawberry and meyer lemon jam, which I brought home  with me from Montreal. Marshmallow fondant makes fondant not just edible, but enjoyable!

The rest of our decorations were made by some great friends. We made huge backdrops with modified Martha Stewart tissue paper pompoms attached by wire to foamcore. Twisted streamers spelled our names across one of the walls of the venue (excellent idea, Marigold!) and it all came together thanks to the wedding day efforts of Asrai, Jill, Amanda, and Kyle, not to mention our incredible caterers, Savoury City.

Jeff and I have now been married for just over two months and we're about to move into a new apartment, too. One that will have more space for Lola, jewelry making, bike fixing, and cooking. We're excited to get settled in our new place (first I suppose we have to pack and move first) and will be super busy (as usual...) this month. I promise to share my last couple of wedding posts before December hits! Have a great Sunday, everyone, and thanks again for reading and commenting! It's great to hear from you all!


  1. I love the mood of your decorations, so natural. So beautiful. Your cake is too cute!!!

  2. These are so lovely - what wonderful atmosphere, & I agree, that cake looks amazing!

  3. I love the idea of the mismatched plates! So simple and elegant. Looks like it was a wonderful day :)

  4. your cake is the cutest thing ever! You seem to have put on a beautiful wedding, and it sounds pretty affordable too! So inspiring :) As always, I'm excited for your future wedding posts.

  5. sarah, i love the comfortable, relaxed look of your wedding. the vintage plates are gorgeous, and i really think there isn't enough that can be said for mix & match dishes.

    did you get your cake topper from runnybunny?

    basically, i love that you did something that isn't the traditional, stuffy, foo foo look!

  6. So pretty. I love it. it's perfect.

  7. I love your wedding. Period. Details, simplicity, & those plates?! Wowza...that is just the most simple, pretty, relaxing looking wedding. & of course, it was yours. You're rad. =) I hope you had fun moving to the new home!

  8. it's all as beautiful as you were on your wedding day. sarah, it's all perfectly you and i loved these details of your important day. <3

  9. oh, what a cake! It looks so lovely. :-)

  10. Beca: Thank you! That cake was cute AND declicious!

    Rachel Louisa: Aww, thank you!

    LC: It definitely made the tables all look fancier and more fun! But it was tough finding all of those plates!

    Katie: Affordable, maybe not...but very "us", as so many of our friends and family noticed. :)

    Danielle: Exactly! We wanted our pals to have the best time ever and spent our time planning little details that would make it fun and special but keep it all relaxed. It totally worked and was AH-MAZING!

    Amanda: Thank you!

    Cal: Thanks, Cal!

    Micaela: Thank you, Micaela, so sweet of you to say. Glad you enjoyed osme of these details!

    Hwasoon: Oh, it definitely was lovely in every way!


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