Today I spent some time in one of my favourite rock and gem shops this side of the Rockies (which is to say, not the side I usually find myself on). Take a look at some of the amazing specimens that they have available. The stone that I discovered today that I find particularly amazing is this super lightweight, pure  matte black stone called "jet". According to the stuff I read about it, it comes from Australia and is a type of bituminous coal that can be polished. I also read that "it assists in entering and exploring your inner void of creation"...not exactly sure what that means, but the stone is lovely. What is your favourite type of stone? And how were your holiday celebrations?

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  1. I really enjoyed these pictures. They caught my eye right away in my google reader feed! I think my favorite stone (with the exception of the specific diamond that is my engagement ring) is opal. I just love them, especially when they are very white with lots of color.

  2. Jet is one of my favourite stones in the world! Whitby, in the north of England, is also very famous for jet jewelry...

    I visited Whitby a few months ago and was sad to be unable to afford any jet, and on Christmas I received a rose gold and jet ring! Magical.

    Happy Holidays :)


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