vintage winter

While searching for wintery inspiration images I came across this awesome Flickr photostream belonging to the Vintage Winter Museum and Shop, one of my favourite finds recently. Here are some of my favourite photos from their collection. I think my absolute favourite is the hairy backpack. I've never seen anything like that! But then again, I've also never seen a horse snowshoe before. Enjoy these ones and take a look at more in their photostream. You might also want to take a peek at their shop for more vintage winter awesomeness. I think I need a cabin in the mountains somewhere filled with their repurposed winter gear stat. (All photos from the Vintage Winter Museum collection.)


  1. I love the hairy backpack! Going to check out their other stuff. =)

  2. Wow - these are fantastic. I love the textures in these pieces - so rustic.

    Brandi - Keeping It Indie
    via Etsy Blog Team

  3. How neat! I love the vintage ski picture at the top of this post.

  4. These are amazing! Thanks so much for sharing.


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