Jeff and I spent the weekend in Seattle. We travelled light. I left my camera at home and relied on my phone alone to capture a few things along the way. We visited Bainbridge Island for the first time (an easy and cheap ferry ride from Pier 52). We ate some amazing food, especially the dinner we had at Revel, and we lamented Vancouver's lack of little neighbourhood bars (because in Seattle they are EVERYWHERE and dogs are allowed to hang out in them). It was a good weekend, marred only by horrible weather on Saturday and the fact that I absent-mindedly left one of my bags in the hotel. Perhaps in the next couple of days I'll share a few more photos from our trip here. I think the iPhone 4S does a pretty decent job on the fly.

I know posts have been few and far between here lately. Chalk it up to winter and my constant busy-ness. Full-time work...who knew it would take up so much TIME?!? I've been at my current job for just under a year now (since graduation last spring) and am just starting to get the hang of this whole work/life balance thing. How do you keep up with life outside of work? What do you do on your days off?


  1. We'll be going to Seattle in April! Can't wait. It'll be a stopover on our way to and back from Massachusetts (flying out of SEA-TAC). Did you pick up any yarn when you visited Bainbridge Island?

  2. Ugh yeah I know what you are sayin' re the TIME or lack of. And winter... I'm just exhausted all the time and want to curl up and do nothing when I'm not working and its hard to get motivated. But I think working hard makes you value your days off more. I LOVE my weekends.

    PS Seattle looks amazing. I keep hoping my boss will let me go for work (ahahhah this will never happen)

  3. Oh wow, I want to see Seattle so badly! I agree, iphone snaps really are impressive. As for work/life, I am currently all wrapped up in grad school and growing increasingly fearful of my impending entry into REAL LIFE. Eeek. (No, seriously, I would love to know I had a job lined up. So badly. So many applications. What a bore).


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