I rode my bike the 30km or so return trip to work today. Stopped to take this picture from the Burrard Bridge on the way home. It was finally summer here (at least for today) and tonight I got caught up on online orders. Camp + Quarry packages are headed off to places like Poland, Finland, and New York, New York. I always love tallying up the destinations. Tomorrow I have metalsmithing class and plan to buy a nice ball-peen hammer. That's my life right now: jewelry. What's new with you?

P.S. Jeff invented a union for the dog tonight, it's called C.A.T.S. (Canine Association of Trades and Services) Local 604. Your dogs can join, too. Power in numbers, my friends.


  1. Such a beautiful picture!

    It's fun to picture that people all over the world are wearing your jewelry. I was wearing the necklace you sent me the other day and a girl a Trader Joes stopped me to tell me she loved it. I sent her to you. :)

    1. I am so glad you like that necklace, Amanda. It was so great to design a new piece with a particular person in mind. It's been a popular one since then!

  2. LOVE this picture!!

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  3. Ah Vancouver, finally you give us the beautiful weather! I crafted outside on my patio table today it was so warm!

    Nice photo =)


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