I just turned 32 yeseterday. My last weekend as a 31 year old was so much fun. Camping on Galiano Island wth friends and dogs and a few fancy chickens. Camping Club III was a success. And I tried out the best birthday present Jeff has ever given me, my new Poler Napsack. Everyone should have one of these things!


  1. Happy Birthday lovely lady! Camping is kind of the perfect birthday idea. Was there a cake? And was is the Poler Napsack you speak of?

  2. Happy Birthday friend! I just realized that your blog was missing from my Blog Lovin'! I was wondering why I hadn't read any of your posts lately.

    Catching up.....xx

  3. happiest of birthdays! what a GREAT way to spend the weekend in celebration... with the outdoors.
    wishing you much happiness and laughter in the age of 32!


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