canada chalet

A few of my favourite (Canadian) things this July 1st:

Stackable silver and pearl rings by Markhed from Montreal, Quebec. I recently purchased one of these rings and love the delicate form of both the band and the setting.

What's more Canadian than a long weekend camping trip? I first saw these merit badges at Love, Me Boutique in Halifax this spring. Each badge is hand-painted and hand embroidered in Toronto. Find the Lee Meszaros Etsy shop here.

If you are heading out to camp this weekend, make sure you check out the amazingly practical, yet overly heavy gear designed by the classic Canadian camp supplier, Coghlan's. Based out of Winnipeg since 1959, no camp site is complete without their stove top toaster or over-the-fire sandwich press. If you want to have a total Canadian camping experience, try out a Hennessy Hammock, designed by Tom Hennessy on Galiano Island, off the coast of British Columbia.

And finally, Vancouver's own: The Regional Assembly of Text. It has a card for every occasion and hosts a monthly letter writing club. If you're in Vancouver it's worth stopping by. If you live elsewhere, don't worry, they have a web shop, too!

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