august abundance

Cypress Community Garden
This time of year Vancouver offers up a plethora of amazing, delicious abundance: $2/lb blueberries from Richmond, blackberries in every and park (a good and bad thing, in my opinion), flowers blooming, a ridiculous number of tomatoes and cucumbers in my community garden plot, plum trees, cherry sales, rosemary and bay trees, and the biggest salmon run in nearly 100 years. So, with peaches and strawberries in the freezer, blueberries in the fridge and plans to make my favourite peach & rosemary preserves this weekend (a concoction known as "Dignified Fun" in certain circles...), I also thought I'd share some photos that I took last weekend in the Maple and Cypress Community Gardens. You've gotta love this city in August!
grape arbour, maple community garden
Chinese lantern plant
chinese lantern plant, great latin name: physalis alkekengi
"That's a nice plate-rrrrr."
"a very nice plate-rrrr"
Vanilla lavender waffles
lavender vanilla waffles, organic yogurt, and hand-picked blackberries


  1. Ahh Vancouver summers are the best! I grew up in North Van and I miss those breezy-but-still-warm summer nights.

  2. Hey Jen, thanks for leaving a comment! Summer in Vancouver really is the best, but I'll take the winter over prairie winds and -40C any time, too!


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