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Van sky
my street, that sky
Oh man, the second last weekend before school starts, I guess the countdown has begun. I've got a few things that need to be done this weekend: gotta make something with the giant zucchini the UBC Farm gave us tonight (we also got green Romano beans, beets, arugula and a pattypan squash!), meet up with my friend Kiki to make some peach rosemary preserves, weed the garden, and head to Urban Source for some collage supplies (I have projects in mind). Next week my mom is here and we have lots of exciting things planned!

Sorry for double garden posts, but here are some photos that I took tonight. So much is happening over there right now that I can't resist documenting everything at the height of the harvest. Fall colour and texture is showing up everywhere: flowers are turning into seed pods and leaves are falling. Not fair. I want more summer!

August 27, 2010 garden harvest
neighbour's peonies

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