guilty pleasure: gleaming the cube

Tonight our guilty pleasure movie club had its inaugural screening. The idea is that everyone gets a chance to choose a movie that they loved when they were kids and make other people watch it with them. You have to hope that it stands up to another viewing, that people won't fall asleep while your pick is playing, and that it's still available somewhere to rent.

The choice tonight, a brilliant one by everyone's account: Gleaming the Cube chosen by Jeff. Probably most impressive is that Jeff managed to find a copy of this movie in Vancouver. It's limited release on DVD was YEARS ago and none of the rental places that specialize in hard-to-find movies had it. Second most impressive? We still have a VCR and Jeff was able 
to uncover this gem at Limelight Video on VHS.

As one reviewer tonight said, Gleaming the Cube is both entertaining and riveting. Christian Slater is 20 in this movie and looks about 15. Tony Hawk has a sweet hairdo and an even sweeter ride. Fabulous 80s fashion abounds and there's a dramatic side to the plot, too.

Highlights? Well, there are a lot of highlights in all of the actors' hair, and I also enjoyed watching Jeff wait for the movie to rewind afterwards. Remember that? Be kind.

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