weekend worship

This is a new feature that I'm going to attempt to keep up even after school is back in session in a few weeks. The problem is, when school is on, weekends just don't count as weekends any more. Regardless, here I will chronicle our weekend adventures, blog finds, etc. It will essentially be the space that I use to air all of the randomness of the week in one post. I'll include lots of photos and as many inspirational finds and features as I can. I hope you find something you like...

thesis research has begun, but is punctuated regularly with time wasters like photo sessions and magazines!
lemon pound cake from Solly's makes me miss Nova Scotia.
I am part of the UBC Farm Student Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program this year! A CSA asks members to support small-scale farming by sharing the burden of the initial cost of inputs and reaping the rewards of the outputs. In other words, I paid $150 up front in May and since the season is going well and vegetables are being produced I now get approximately $10 worth of fresh produce from the farm every Friday until the middle of October. This is an amazing program. The produce we get is literally picked by volunteers the day that we pick it up at the farm centre. We have been given so many crazy and amazing greens, as well as beets, beans, carrots, basil, garlic, and more! I love that every week we get to visit the farm, discover new plants, and find recipes to make gourmet, inexpensive farm-fresh meals AND we're supporting the farm. They have a regular CSA program for the general public, too, which is $25 a week. If you're in the Vancouver area check it out for next year, if not, there's bound to be a CSA in your neck of the woods, too (perhaps for salmon, honey, fruit, who knows what). And if you're not so into the CSA thing, you can always find other ways of supporting the UBC Farm.

In the meantime, does anyone know what to do with Ruby Streaks?

Here's a really ugly website that will help you find CSA programs in your area. Look around, though, there are lots of good ones out there!

UBC Farm poultry: you can see their leader in the back there with the bright red comb
garlic chandeliers at the UBC Farm Centre

And finally, take a look at this performance by one of my current favourites, Robyn. She's kind of awesome, don't you think?


  1. She's a good dancer. She really kept me in suspense though. I was waiting for her to do something besides aerobics.

    I want to join this UBC farm thing. It sounds really great!

  2. I, too, watched the whole thing waiting for something to happen. It never does, but I like it anyway.


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